Theo Pinson versatile and he shows it, with 36 points and 12 rebounds in game this past Saturday night down in Charlotte

Theo Pinson and Wesleyan lost to Prime Prep of Texas, 68-67, in the Under Armour Challenge down in Charlotte, but the loss was no fault of Pinson, even though he missed the last shot of the game, going for the win, but all of those that are watching Pinson play say he is really versatile and he was showing that versatility to the max on Saturday night, as he poured in 36 points and grabbed 12 rebounds for his Trojans in the close overtime loss to Prime Prep…..

Pinson has got it and the North Carolina Tar Heels are going to get it next and at 6’6, maybe Pinson is out of that P.J. Hairston mold when it comes to his basketball frame and game….

We will see him soon, as WES makes the trek over to Greensboro Day School, to face the Bengals on Friday January 24…..

Read more Pinson and his versatile game when you CLICK HERE….


  1. I was there…one of the best performances I have seen in HS by one person. He literally, carried the team on both ends of the court. He showed great leadership and composure. He picked up 2 quick fouls in the first quarter, but played the rest of the game w/o picking up another while playing one of the best guards in the country. Excellent effort by Theo and great hustle by his teammates. UNC fans need to get their popcorn ready, because Theo is special and will bring a different skill set at the next level. He does not need to shoot from half court, he can get into the lane at will, creating and getting his team involved. Basketball IQ is higher than most people think. Great game WCA!

  2. I did not realize Theo was now 6’6″. How tall was he in middle school as an 8th grader. I remember him being about 6’0″ at best in 8th grade. Am I correct. He seems like a nice kid and I doubt he will have any of PJ’s issues. However, I do remember PJ as being a very nice and respectful kid as well. Your friends will make or break your life.

  3. At 6’6 he doesn’t get in to the lane at will. And he isn’t physically strong yet. Needs to develop upper body strength. He can’t shoot at all so he fits in at unc. PJ Hairston was a much better high school player. Not even close really..

  4. What games were you watching of PJ vs Theo as high school players? PJ could shoot 25-30 feet all day long, he was nearly always the strongest player on the floor, could handle the ball in tight space and worked like a dog in the paint when he wanted. However, PJ was an average defender at best, could not guard quick north/south guards, and he could handle the ball in traffic against good defenders. Theo however is a lock down defender, can and has played the point guard spot on the nations elite, can get his shot off against most guards (which are normally 6’3″ or less), and his reach is longer than most players of similar size. Theo will fill out, get stronger and soon be training with college/future NBA players every day. I believe Theo can help UNC more than PJ. PJ made it to UNC for one simply thing – to fire the rock as soon as he touched it within 30 feet of the basket and provide some muscle against other guards. Theo will give UNC similar play as Piage does today.

  5. He played middle school at SEG. He was roughly 6’3″ back then could dunk it and shoot the 3 with ease. However, he did not have much comp. I would be concerned about his work ethics. I’m sure coach Williams will have that one covered. PJ may be better but Theo hasn’t shown he wants to be a clown like PJ.

  6. Y’all do know pj is going to be an NBA player right. Was predicted to lead the acc in scoring and be a lottery pick..all as a rising junior. Theo won’t do half of that. Theo does NOT play point guard. Whoever thinks that is a clown. I don’t support carolina or pjs decisions. As a player though, he was way better then theo

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