Three Dudley players(McLean, Moseley, Register), plus Shelton(NWG) and Pratt(HP Central) named USA Today All-State and Proehl on there too

Three Dudley Panthers with Chris Register at linebacker, Emmanuel Moseley at defensive back and defensive lineman Albert McLean being named the Defensive Player of the Year for North Carolina all really looks good for Greensboro/Guilford County, when you look at the USA Today All-State High School Football Team from North Carolina and it looks even better when you look on there and see defensive back Germaine Pratt from High Point Central and offensive lineman Clay Shelton from Northwest Guilford on there too and don’t forget Austin Proehl who used to be at Western Guilford and finished up at Providence High School down in Charlotte…

Good football news all the way around with McLean, Register, Moseley, Pratt, Shelton and Proehl all coming in from Guilford County on the USA Today All-State team, from North Carolina….Some very good company among these young men and you will also see names like Hood, Grier, Samuels, Blazevich, Adams, Jones and others when you
CLICK HERE for the entire list from USA Today and these are your top high school football players from North Carolina from the 2013 season…..


  1. You are always quick to say Austin attended Western Guilford but never mention why he left Western and the reason being Chris Causey

  2. His dad took a job for the panthers and lives in Charlotte. If you had the opportunity to start for a Charlotte team over a mediocre team from Greensboro wouldn’t you go?

  3. I was thinking the same thing, but the previous poster beat me to it…

    Being around those Panthers and his dad, that’s a pretty big deal….

    I met the kid once over Proehlific Park and seemed like a good kid and we wish him well…

    Probably could have been a QB or WR at WG and I think he was QB on JV….

    Again, a good kid and wish him and all these young men the best….

    Ran into the Stadniks Brothers last Thusday afternoon at the Shane’s Rib Shack around lunchtime and those are a couple of good young men too…Very respectful of their elders, like me….

    Was talking Western Guilford football history today with a local businessman and it was good to look back at a few of those old teams…

    Again, best of luck to the All-Staters and how about that Clay Shelton from Northwest Guilford jumping in there…NWG didn’t players doing that back in the day…But now is a different day….

  4. Let’s see how Providence did the 3 years that Austin was there.
    sophomore year 5-6
    junior year 2-8
    senior year 5-6
    Now that my friend is mediocre!

  5. What does the record of the team have to do with 1 individual player? Football is not Michael Jordan on a basketball team. Football has too many moving parts from special teams, defense, offensive and the kicking team for 1 player to make them a winning team alone. The bottom line is that this kid is going to UNC. How many kids left in Greensboro can we say that about – maybe 5 other BCS D1 players at best. Don’t hate on someone just because they are getting press than your favorite player.

  6. @ More press than other
    You missed the whole point. (Think before you type) was saying he would rather play for a Charlotte team than a mediocre Greensboro team.

  7. @ Think before you type

    You should think a bit too.. Mediocre team from Greensboro? Providence is a tad above average. Western Guilford is worse then mediocre. Providence would beat Western by 21+

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