Some of the key items that got our attention ‘This Week in Sports’

Here is what got our attention ‘This Week in Sports’….Just a few items that got my attention…

Kara Shutt(Southeast Guilford) broke her foot and her high school basketball career is over….The broken bone in her foot came in a game at Ledford back in the Christmas Tournament and the injury did not occur at Page, in the Falcons’ game with the Pirates…And get this, Shutt finishes just 3 points shy of 1,000 points for her high school basketball career….Just three points short….That is crazy….How would you like that??? You play all of those years and you end three points shy of 1,000…Again, that is just crazy…..Maybe she can lace up her shoes and get one last shot at the very end of this season and if the Falcons make the playoffs, maybe that will give her enough time…..Shutt on crutches now, and she is supposed to out 6-8 weeks…..Dr. James Kramer, with Murphy-Wainer Orthopaedics, is the consulting physician….

We learned this week that Jared Pike, the morning man(6-10am) on 107.5 WKZL, is an assistant boys basketball coach for the Western Guilford Hornets….Hornet coach Jerrod Harris was our guest on The Basketball in Focus Show/’The Court Report,’ from the Shane’s Rib Shack, and he let us in on the news….Not sure how many people/area basketball fans were aware of this…Good way to get the word out on your team with the radio accessibility/personality…..

Kara Shutt was also with us at Shane’s this past Thursday, along with Coach Harris, City Councilman Mike Barber, Coach William Whitaker, Hailey Chandler and Carmoni Marks….

Also getting our attention this week and last week too, was a car that I saw along the way on my Sunday morning exercise trail….The car is black and it looks just like the old ‘Green Hornet Car’ driven by Kato/Cato/Bruce Lee….And riding along in the ‘Green Hornet Car’ each week was Brett Reid/The Green Hornet….I guess it’s kind of crazy the Green Hornet was riding in a black car…..The car that I have been seeing on Sunday mormings is a Ford, I think….The model name on the back of the car says ROD, so I guess they took out the ‘F’ and did the rest with the remaining letters….Car is stationed over off of Battleground Avenue and that gives you plenty of time and space to try and find that black ‘ROD’/Green Hornet Car….In the old Green Hornet shows, that car could really move….

*****Maybe another thought on that Green Hornet car is it could be a Lincoln….Fords and Lincolns have been similar over the years with their big cars and many of you may remember that tune/song that said/told us, “Son you’re gonna drive your daddy to drinking if you don’t stop driving that ‘Hot ROD Lincoln’…” Ford and Lincoln are owned by the same people these dsys too, from what I hear….*****