You can check out the new State-Wide HS Hoops Polls from with Page boys #3 in the state, Trinity boys in, plus Bishop, Reidsville and Southern Alamance girls

The Greensboro Page boys are the #3 4-A team in the state, while the Southwest Guilford boys, the Southwest Guilford girls, the Page girls and the Northern Guilford girls all got votes and honorable mentions in this week’s….

Tim Kelly has his Trinity Bulldogs at #2 in the state boys 2-A Poll at (15-0), plus the Bishop McGuinness girls are ranked #1 in the 1-A Poll, the Reidsville girls go #2 in the 2-A Poll and the Southern Alamance girls check in at #5 in the 4-A girls poll…..

The Bishop boys, the Eastern Alamance boys and the Burlington Cummings boys all got votes this week and check in with honorable mentions….

CLICK HERE for the complete look at all the polls from Deana King and……


  1. I’m a little surprised to see that Page didn’t get any votes for #1. It looks like NC preps is just ranking teams based on record.

  2. If the Burlington Williams H.S. are the bulldogs, then Southern Alamance’s, April Kelly is the DOGCACTHER. Williams has no answer for Burnette or Kelly

  3. Will someone please shut those southern Alamance fans up? Can we find a way to provide any of them from enter the city of Greensboro forever? These people even turn on their own Alamance county people. It makes hard to root for the player when some of those adults are acting like “##$%&#”. I am sure most of this audience agrees with me.

  4. Ah please, you want SA out of town because you know what’s about to happen! #takeover

    Quit your belly aching and get ready!

  5. I saw the SA vs SEG game and I agree that SA is a good team. However, they are not that good. I think Page will give them all they can handle and more. SA will have trouble with a team that has a good center.

  6. SA is a good team….I really hope my Cowgirls get to play them again in the playoffs. The first game was one of the better games I’ve been to this year(ot)!!!

  7. @Metro- Our center did’nt even play in the SEG game, our PG Shay played center. As for Page giving us all we can handle ,that’s one thing,getting the “W” is another.

  8. page girls and southern alamance may be the game of the year-southern has a secret weapon they are going to shut paris and vivian polite down-low scoring game-southern alamance by 5 points

  9. The game of the year was Dudley and SA!!!!!!! Even alamance county knows who got that “W”!! Williams is 3a and they don’t need to worry about SA. As for Alamance County girls teams when you get 1/3 of the state titles Guilford County has let us know

  10. @Tim- Even you know better than that. You got to answer for that “W” real soon. Williams is an afterthought, they know as well as you do who runs Alamance County. See you soon Tim. Lol

  11. get ready page pirates -southern alamance is coming ready to play-1 loss to dudley may be the only one they have this season

  12. The records i see SA has no state title,but Graham does so when you win one you might run Alamance County. You notice i said might.If you do win that throphy don’t be scared and drop it because it’s been a long time since Alamance County has won it.Now you can Lol

  13. Why don’t we just shut the comments section of this website down? Then we can stick to the facts, stats and “sports reporting” instead of all these adults acting like they have anything to do with the game results or a team’s standings. Half the time I don’t even believe the people making the comments are truly fans for the team they claim but rather people just trying to stir things up – especially when they don’t even spell people’s names correctly. It’s the parents who get ejected from gyms and call kids names, claim every foul is “dirty” or intentional and teach players to talk trash instead of just play ball. Respect yourself, your kids, your school and your coaches enough.

  14. AMEN TO THAT…….. and what’s so funny about it is that some write checks that their kids, teams, coaches, or counties can cash. Nonetheless, though, I kinda enjoy reading and watching them put their foot in their mouths… Looking forward to seeing the Metro race heat up.

  15. Do not even consider getting rid of the comments…that’s the fun part of reading the articles…seeing what others think.

  16. @Tim- What year did Graham win the state title? Anyway, your argument is pointless, this is 2013-14 season and ancient basketball history isn’t going to save you from the here and now. Glad you realized that there are fake SA fans on here instagating, they are from Guilford so you tell them to stop. Lol

  17. 1979 Graham 43 -Davie County 42 You will have to argue with NCHSAA because they have it in the record books. I’m glad you let me know that past champions are pointless. There is a big football game coming up in less than 2 weeks tell all the fans and commentators that past champions are pointless.If thats how they think in Alamance County thank GOD for Guilford

  18. Most of the comments i read from SA are talking smack!!! I would say 99% are your group so you tell them to stop!!!! They tell who they are or wich family they are related to. At the next game sit beside them tell them just play the game and hush if thats what you want. Then you can Lol together

  19. Wow Tim, You really proved your point, not. Three years ago everything was fine, when SA wasn’t a threat,now that they are you can’t accept it or take it. You know what, you better learn quick because our girls are focused and won’t be denied. So keep on making irrelevant statements trying to prove a point, trying to convince yourself that SA can’t win. Time is getting short, gotta put or shut up.

  20. Everthing i have posted is a fact. So you put up or shut up!!!! You mentioned 3 years ago ,have you read anything you said thats ancient. Not one time did i say SA wasn’t a threat, but just think if SA does win a title after one year it don’t matter because it will be 2015. Thats how dumb you sound

  21. patattack look at these facts Graham runner up 5times,Western Alamance Runner up 1 time and Eastern Alamance runner up 1 time and who runs the county Lol Almost forgot thats ancient!!! Still waiting for a factuall statement from you if you really are a SA fan Lol

  22. Again Tim, what does that have to do with this season? I’m getting a headache trying to follow your rambling and your logic. #rusmarter thana3rdgrader

  23. I guess you wil have to shut up until March 15 2014 that’s the championship date SA hasn’t won nothing

  24. @ close the gates on SA fans,

    Why is it when Certain schools especially PAGE or DUDLEY hype up and brag about how great they think their team and/or players are, it’s ok, but as soon as SA fans say ANYTHING in their team/players defense or pure confidence in their team, it’s a problem. Clearly, you are bias to your team and/or Co. and so is SA. Fans can express their opinions and you can either agree or disagree or not respond at all. You just need to relax and stop reading into this site. It seems to me because their is another dog in the fight that is not Guilford Co.,I guess it makes you uncomfortable. I do think it’s unfair you may or may not root for certain players because of their fans. That player(s) does what they are suppose to do on the court and your vote shouldn’t dwell on how some of their fans act. Yes, there are some who aren’t real SA fans who are trying to stir the pot, unforturnately you fell for it. Signed, A True Civilized SA Fan til the end who is sick of hearing yall’s mouth as well!! I’m sure plenty of this audience will agree with me also.

  25. I don’t know how you hear with your eyes ,but that’s amazing !! Stop reading and go to the Burlington website that agrees with everything you say

  26. i would like to know the definition of a true fan-do you have to live in alamance county to be a fan? if you have friends or know someone playing does that make you a fan? you might need something stronger than advil-it probably expired in 1979-most of these people werent even born in 1979

  27. Calm down SA fan. If you would play attention to the many of the posting on this site, you would find that SA is only a conversation when it comes to you girls team. After the Burnett kid leaves, you will not have hear from this site again for the next 4 or 5 years (which is normally the time frame it takes for Alamance co to produce a player that Guilford Co wants to follow at level). However, schools like Dudley, GDS, Southwest Guilford and Page will continue to be the story when it comes to girls and especially boys basketball for years to come. Live it up now SA fan because the end is quickly coming.

  28. after paris leaves page will have nothing-northwest guilford girls will dominate guilford and alamance counties

  29. @Page- That’s real funny, Shay’s highest scoring games in the Metro have been against Page. Look it up. When Shay leaves SA will still dominate the metro atleast for the next to years. Don’t take my word for it, you will see soon enough.

  30. I heard that the G,boro N&R picked Southern alamance girls to win the metro, is that true? If so when was this ?

  31. But in your eyes Tim, I guess the Ravens still run things in the NFL? Contradicting yourself a little aren’t we Timmy? Lol

    @favored- Yes we are favored and rightfully so, Timmy should have confirmed it but he’s in denial. Lol

  32. For one time you are right. Ravens are still the Super Bowl champs! We have about 10 more days to have a new champion. March 15 needs to get here quick for you

  33. Pat attack you are a SA fan I like. I’ve got you to talk about more things that had nothing to do with SA or even the headline. So keep it up Guilford County might accept you after all!!!

  34. Every team in the Metro are losing key players on their varsity girls team. I see no dominant teams next year (14-15) in Metro varsity girls..

  35. @buzzy

    I don’t mean to fan flames, but Page should (SHOULD) be the best team next year. Their top outside threat from last year is out due to an ACL injury, but her little sister took up the mantel this year. They won’t be anywhere close to the same quality without Paris but with both Cargos, Sherman, and their current PG, they should be fine. There’s a young tall girl too who will take Vivian’s spot.

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