Tag-team wrestling great, promoter, booker and all-around ‘Great Scott’ gone at age 84 and a novel idea to make high school wrestling better

One of the ‘Great Scotts’, from the professional tag-team of George and Sandy Scott, is gone…George Scott has passed on at age 84….One of the outstanding tag-teams from Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling, that was the Scott Brothers, George and Sandy(‘The Flying Scotts’) ….George became a promoter and booker/match-maker in the wrestling business and he was in the business for many, many years….Sandy Scott died on March 11, 2010…….

from www.prowrestling.net and Jason Powell:
George Scott, a wrestler, promoter, and longtime booker, died on Monday at age 84, according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com. Scott was the longtime booker for Jim Crockett Promotions and the Mid-Atlantic territory, and he had booking runs with many promotions, including WWE/WWF during the original WrestleMania and WrestleMania 2.

My GreensboroSports.com idea today to help high school wrestling and to increase attendance, plus to make it more interesting….

And here it is…

Have tag-team wrestling on the high school/amateur level…Go with lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight classes and have tag-team champs and recognize them state-wide per the NCHSAA…This could really be a big boost for high school and amateur wrestling and it would only add three matches per night to the high school wrestling card…..Also why not issue a belt to the tag-team champs…..Get your top lightweights, middleweights and heaveyweights together and tag-up…Don’t think we should go as far as making them tap-out, but the 10 count should suffice…….

*****More news on George Scott*****
Jim Ross from PWTorch.com on George Scott:

“George’s body of work often goes unnoticed by many of today’s fans. He was the brain trust that helped the Mid Atlantic Territory explode in the ’70s notwithstanding his major role in WWE including being the booker at WM1 and in the first Saturday Night’s Main Event,” Ross wrote.

“George was a Canadian who formed a magnificent tag team with his brother Sandy, who later in life became a promoter for Jim Crockett Promotions among other organizations. George was always fair to me and treated me well in those WCW years. The in ring product in WCW with George Scott calling the shots was stellar. I vividly remember George pulling me aside before the Flair-Steamboat NWA World Title bout in Chicago in 1989 and telling me the ‘news.’ He was very old school and I liked that.”

Jim Ross at his JR’s BBQ Blog……