Game Report on Greensboro Day School-Wesleyan with Bengals on top 50-38

Courtesy of Dennis White with…..
Greensboro Day School 50
Wesleyan 38

Greensboro Day
Peter Agba 13 points
Bryan Rouse 11
Trevor Mayo 10
Darius Moore 9
Will Dillard 4
Marshall Marcheledt 2
Paul Sprick 2

Theo Pinson 17
Jalen Johnson 10
Deshaunte Carelock 7
JaQuel Richmond 2
Michael Buckland 2
Hunter White 2


  1. Gilmore was out with the flu….He did not play.

    Deshaunte Carelock and Jalen Johnson gave WES the bigs that they needed on defense, but it was still not enough…They really could have used Gilmore and it is fact that WES is really missing Harry Giles this season…With Giles WES would be a different team and if you had Giles and then you throw in Gilmore with him, that really works well…

    Never take anything away from Greensboro Day….They had a great game plan and it worked during the stretches of the game where they had to have it….

    The Bengals are State Title contenders….

  2. Of course they are title contenders. Win 3 games in there state tournament and you are state champs. Public school has way more games. And more variety of teams. GDS will run into the same teams they played against all year in the Tournament. Public school typically matches teams in the later rounds that NEVER play each other. No discredit to GDS but its a way easier road. And being that there is only 3 good teams. GDS will only have to win one tough game and its the state championship. The semi final round will be HPCA and Wes and only one can win. Like i said, no discredit to GDS because they are good but it isnt the same. If WES has donovan gilmore, peter might be slowed down and the lay ups around the rim would be tougher. He also keeps offensive rebounds alive and gets second chance points. WIll be a tougher game at Wes next time. Kudos to GDS though. Not a lot of talent over there like typically in years past. No Division 1 player. Not yet at least. Darius might land something in the Big South, Peter might to. Rouse is D2. Mayo is to. Dillard still only a reclassed 8th grader. Freddy does a good job as always

  3. @of course they are.. You need to get out often. You think there is only GDS, WES and HPC to deal with. There are very few public schools good enough to even beat the other conference teams such as Forsyth Country Day and Davidson Day. There are a ton of other programs that are very good such as Providence Day. School like Christ School are down this year but they have been a national powerhouse for the past decade. Ravencroft is down a little now but they have been a powerhouse over the past 7 years or so with guys like Kelly and other like the kid that went to Louisville. The bottomline is that there obviously are not more than 16 teams from 3A that are allowed to make the playoffs but those 16 teams will have more future college players on the floor then likely all of the 4A schools in the state combined. Add up how many players from GDS, WES, HPC, FCDS and Davidson Day from the past 4 years are playing or went to college on a basketball offer versus (let’s say the monster league of the Metro and all other area leagues combined) and then you tell me where the talent is playing. You should learn to do your homework before trying to put the private schools down.

  4. Ok I want you to do your homework on my post. Where did I say private school competition is weak? Or did I say win 3 games and you are state champions? Win two games and you are in the state final. I was saying the games were more competitive In public due to more even competition. Of course private is stronger, because those players get recruited to go to these private schools. They abuse the reclassifying privelage which is an academic issue, not using it for grades but to try and get an extra year on the competition. Before you get defensive you should do your homework buddy. And did you really bring up Ryan kelly for ravenscroft? He played there 5 years ago. I’m sorry we don’t live 5 years In the past. But how about you tell me besides theo Pinson and harry Giles who has acc offers in this awesome private school competition you speak of? The plumlees from years ago don’t count since you wanna bring up Ryan kelly times. If we go that far back might as well bring up will graves and pj hairston out of Dudley. And Julius brooks out of page. Jordan weethee and Jackson Kent played the majority of their days at page. Diante Baldwin played 3 years at western guilford. Reggie dillard played at Dudley for a while. Brennan Wyatt out of Dudley, Donovan Gilmore played three years public school ball. Public has produced some talent to.

  5. If you had read my posting, you would have noted that I mentioned how schools like Ravencroft and Christ School were down a little but over the past 7-10 years both of them have been running high level programs. Just so you know, Ryan Kelly was at Ravencroft just 5 yrs ago so that is not too long ago. I said that to give a general refer point to the fact that the private schools have had solid teams from top to bottom for a number of years across the different leagues or regions triangle, Charlotte, triad and western areas. I can understand counting a kid like PJ but you can’t count kids like Reggie, Jackson, or a Diante with the public schools when they went to a private school the final 2 or 3 years of high school. The reality is that AAU and personal trainers are primarily responsibility for developing all of these kids into the players that they are or became even though the high school coaches get a lot of the credit in the media. The majority of college bound players prefer to enter the private school route because the competition is significantly better night in and night out, the training opportunities are greater and the opportunity to play outside of your region is far better.

  6. It’s people like who make kids think it’s better to leave where they are for greener grass. All of those kids mentioned above spent more time in public then private. Look at GDS schedule and look at the 40 games they play and look at the blowouts..tell me they play better comp “night in and night out.” And aau coaches don’t do anything for these kids. They ruin them. You must be one of them

  7. I agree there are a lot of AAU coaches that do not understand the process and may not be putting a lot of players in the best position. However, AAU is what gives most of these kids their exposure to he coaches. Coaches do not have the time to run from school to school chasing kids that may or may not be good enough. Like it or not, it will the AAU coaches that will have more exposure with college coaches and the process of recruiting than the high school coaches ever will. In fact, most high school coaches may only know 1 or 2 college coaches and most don’t spend any a second with these same kids in spring/summer AAU season when they are getting their college coach looks. The college coaches will obviously check in with the high school coaches and eventually come to a game but it’s the AAU season that does the real recruiting. The high school coach can often make or break a kids recruiting process if they don’t seems excited about the players opportunities at the next level or show the proper energy about the players ability. Not understanding that process can be a bad thing for some players. There are some local coaches that do an outstanding job in this process but I can assure you that are some coaches that are doing some of these kids no favors.

  8. Ill agree with most of that. I cant agree with the way you use grammar in terms of “there” and “they’re” but most of that is correct. Don’t give credit to the aau coaches if you feel they can mess kids up. They do get the most exposure to the colleges for the kids, but they also use the kids to fill their own selfish coaching ambitions. They also often take credit for the kids success. “I coached such and such and I got him into XYZ school.”

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