Game Report on Dudley-Page Girls with Panthers on the move winning 47-30:Tamaya Carter had a double-double with 17 points And 12 rebounds

Courtesy of Dudley girls head coach Frank McNeil…..

Dudley 47, Page 30

Dudley: 10  15  6  16  47
Page:        11   6  8   5  30

Dudley Players:
Tamaya Carter:17 pts.
Essence Abraham:12 pts.
MaKala Rouse:8 pts.
Kara Straite:4 pts.
Raven Johnson:4 pts.
Kiara Harrison:2 pts.

Page Players:
Paris Kea:18 pts.
Campbell Kargo:5 pts.
Tiana Sherman:4 pts.
Vivian Polite:1 pt
Maia Meeks::2 pts

*****Tamaya Carter had a double-double with 17 pts. And 12 rebs.*****


  1. Hats off to the Lady Panthers for a huge “statement” win over the Lady Pirates.
    Page matched Dudley’s intensity and physicality in short spurts but couldn’t seem to sustain it. Page girls seemed to drift in and out taking plays off just standing, watching, and waiting for something to happen. Dudley girls went at it for the entire game – never letting up nor allowing Page to get the momentum. Coach Neil did an excellent job substituting his girls and maintaining that Dudley drive as seen in teams from Dudley’s past. Dudley played great Defense despite the lopsided foul calling.
    On the other side of the court though, I am a bit puzzled at the Page girls effort and the coaching to be honest. Nothing stood out from any player or coaching decision that said we want to win this game. In my opinion, Paris is one of the best players in the Metro but she can’t do it alone. She was constantly double and triple teamed. Only once (ONE TIME) did I see her teammates set a pick for her and roll to the basket. Polite did it once but it was called a foul because she rolled a little too soon bumping into the defender. Even the NBA greats like Steve Nash and Kobe work better off a screen. Simple concept: Pick and Pop. Kea will get an open look or pull a defender and pass to the open player. Chelsea and Debrisha were so good at it last year.
    I know this Page team is full of young players, but with only 6 games left in the regular season one would think that this team would have an established identity by now and team members would know what roll they need to play in order to get the win. It’s not the Paris Kea Show. She’s good, but, that team has too much talent in the likes of Polite, Sherman, Carter, Kargo, and Casper. But, if your strategy is to run your offense around Paris, you have to set her and the team up to be successful. Starts with coaching.
    A couple of other things that were puzzling is why didn’t Page trap more and why did Carter seemed to get pulled from the game every time she made a mistake. She showed more desire and drive than several other players that stayed on the court nearly the entire night.
    Good luck to both teams.

  2. In the Dudley game Paris did not do the other things that it takes to win. It was not that Page is young ect.. Kargo can score and they won with out Paris three times this year.

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