Game Report: New Hope vs. Ronconos Valley Girls Basketball

New Hope Girls (25-0) win in New York vs. Ronconos Valley 54-45

Hopefully, we will get more details shortly.


  1. It looks like they finally played a team with more than 2 or 3 college level players. I doubt if this team is much if any better than most of the better teams in this area. They are playing with 10 D1 players each night against teams lucky to have 1 or 2 D1 players. I bet they are not playing more than 3 or 4 teams that will have the same type of players. Where is the value if you are still beating most of your schedule by 40 points because they are over matched. The practices are likely more competitive than most of their games. I hope all of these players make it to the school of their dreams and have great careers leaving home for this school while still in high school. College coaches will find good players. Plus who ever heard of this school prior to this team joining the school. Can someone anger against my view?

  2. I attest to what Not buying it is saying. It always dawned on me, were they really that good, or were the teams they play that bad. I heard through the grape vine that they played a team with a deaf girl on the team. If that’s not absurd then I don’t know what it is. Delaney Rudd…….c’mon……….i need more.

  3. Lol. This is some funny stuff. If you all have a problem who they play, go watch them. Better yet, you find teams that will play them.

  4. New Hope girls are no joke. They have very talented players on the team. A lot of schools don’t want to play them because of the talent on the team. Aja Wilson (Heathwood High School) didn’t even want to play in the game against them and she suppose to be one of the number 1 post players in the 2014 class. They have a 6’5″ player on the New Hope team that can DUNK and BLOCK without any hesitation that’s going to NC State next season. Lets see if Aja Wilson going to punk out again playing against Akela Maize next time they play them!!!

  5. Nobody is doubting how good this team is that hits the court. The point that was made earlier is that their schedule is no better than other good teams in the area relative to the comparable talent on the floor. If I have 2-3 great players combined with 1-2 decent players but no bench, then I have any even match up against a team with 3-4 great players combined with 2-3 decent players but no real bench beyond the first 6-7 players. The difference with New Hope is that they have 10 great players normally playing games against teams with 1-3 great players, 2 or 3 decent players and no bench. No matter what New Hope is still being great players off the bench while their competition is being players just happy to be playing into the game. If I have a 2 to 1 advance the entire game, then guess I am going to win 95% of my games by 20-40 points. This is likely only going to play 2-3 games all year with equal talent. I don’t blame a lot of the local teams for not playing them considering that you will be overmatched no matter what when you have to put your bench players in the game. For my money, I would prefer to see kids continue to play for their home schools in front of their families against good local competition. College will come for those that have the availability regardless of what school they are attending.

  6. You could assemble a team from the Metro conference that could beat them. Would pay to see that one for sure!

  7. Six Man said to all concerned,don’t hate the team,hate the game.New hope has a second team of starters that can match with any Guilford County public school girls basketball team.How many public schools can sit their starters and still compete.Take note public schools to the wave of the future.

  8. Coach Dad,said I agree Mr.Maize(six man)you make a valid point.Coach Delaney Rudd prepares his players for the next level and for what college coaches look for in a player,unselfishness,team play,mental toughness.Winning doesn’t start with the players you have but good coaching……enough said.

  9. On the comment made on girls playing for their home teams,someone made the comment about 6’5 post player Akela Maize leaving Dudley H.S.where she only touched the ball on the tip off,block shots & rebounds,what’s wrong with that picture when the guards don’t reward the bigs in the post.This is just one example of why girls are leaving their home schools to be in a team structure with no politics,coach favorites,parent input on their child not playing enough in the game.New Hope has 13 players who could start on any metro team…enough said.

  10. @Mr Maize “welcome to the wave of the future” This is not the wave of the future. The New Hope program exist only because Delaney exist. The moment Delaney decisions to quit or leave for whatever reason, the basketball program will leave with him overnight. 95% of the New Hope girls play directly for Delaney in AAU. The Oak Hill program died when the coach left. The Oak Ridge entire program (boys/girls) had to go when Stan got into trouble. Delaney is an outstanding coach that understands what it takes to play at the next level. Just because New Hope has “13” good players don’t think you have all the talent in the area. There are plenty of extremely good players left in this area that could have played and taken the place of many of the players on that team. Every player does not have to move from their home school to get into the college of their preference. Alzela had already signed with NC State before she went to New Hope so Dudley did not keep her from getting into college. There are many players left in this area that could easily play (if not start) on that New Hope team today. Give me these “local” players and I would take New Hope down today – Paris Kea (Page), Shea Burnett (S.Alamance), Tamera Thorpe (GDS), Kennedy Currie (Dudley), West Forsyth Twins, and a couple of role players. All of these girls made it to a great college without having to leave their home schools. New Hope works for those that need it but it is not the wave of the future for everyone. However, if a coach like Delaney was coaching within the borders of Guilford Co or even in between WS/Greensboro like a Kernersville at a good school, then he would get 90% of the areas top girls overnight. I agree New Hope has the best coach for college bound girls but many of these girls are giving up some valuable family moments just to play basketball in high school. If it works for them great but that environment does not work for everyone.

  11. Family Time? @not for everyone. The parents of these girls are always at the games to support the team. Parents would prefer their child to attend a private school over any public school. Private schools are just better all around far as education quality and being able to venture out to play different schools that’s not in your area. That’s why you have to pay each year to attend. I believe that the kids love being on campus and they get a touch of what college life would be like. They wouldn’t be at the school if they didn’t like it or feel like family time has been lost. Yea high school campus life is not for everyone and private schools but the ones there are not complaining.

  12. @not for everyone if those list of girls you named started on one team together and played against New Hope sorry it would be another win for New Hope!

  13. All very good points I must say,but the fact remains that transfer rates are very high among girl basketball players.Did home cooking help them on the next level,check your history.True New Hope is nothing new,but Oak Hill Accademy is still recruiting boys.New Hope players are growing as players&people in the process.Those players mention as the best,will be in for a surprise on the college level.Will their coach help them in the process of picking the right school.I would rather have a former NBA player,Wake Forest Grad speak for my child any day.Do you research on area teams and find out how many parents are not happy with the way,their daughters are being coach and that’s worth seeing your parents mad in the stands…enough said.

  14. No.. how many of these players will graduate from college.. enough said. when you consider the number of players transferring from their first college, the number of players losing their scholarships, and simply dropping out of school due to not making it in the classroom, then I think we need to be more focused on who is actually graduating with real degrees first. There have been some really good players to leave this area over the past couple of years and some good ones leaving within the next year or two but just consider how many of those players have already left school due to transferring or dropping out completely. I would bet if you consider the “top 20” players for boys and girls over the past 5, you would find many of these players are in a very different situation than what they left originally. Every player should be focused first on their education, next on the coach they are partnering with in college, their ability to be either 2 hrs from home up to half a country away and obviously make sure they can handle a tough work load in the classroom and on the court. All of this can be achieved whether you stay at your home school or go to a place like New Hope. By the way, the same coach at New Hope is likely advising 70% of the better players in this area in terms of what to consider about specific coaches and school because most of them play for the Phoenix programs. What Delaney doing with the New Hope program is great for those kids and for this community but it is only one of many routes to college playing basketball.

  15. As a dad myself,you don’t play checkers in my household if your grades are not right.I would think that goes without saying to have a goal of a good education.You make some valid points but only time will tell in the next 4 years on who transfers or falls off or makes it to the next level(WNBA)Correction on my comment concerning the class of 2014 not the class of 1969 or 2015 every class is different in it self.The class of 2014 only comes around every 3 to 5 years with post players,true point guards,forwards,2 guards,wings,we may never see a class like this again in the near future.Then again there are many reasons on transfers like coaches getting fired which is why in picking a school,do your homework parents.Also I vote for Delaney Rudd for coach of the year and to let New Hope play in the Metro Conference.Once again there’s no I in team only in the word win…..enough said.

  16. Are we still talking about one player.One player does not make a team and most of all a winning team like New Hope.Dudley had such a team in 2010 and the coach got coach of the year and they were knock out the state championship.6’5 Akela Maize is just one component to New Hopes success.First factor in a good coaching staff then add team play and a 2nd team of starters,not to mention the spirit of #14(RIP)and there you have it 25-0….enough said.

  17. Chalk up another win for the girls of New Hope.On most teams you can play to trap the best player,but on New Hopes team how do you play the second team of starters or the spirit of #14(RIP).God has his hand on this team from the start of the AAU season.Coach Dad will be praying for a undefeated season,and a championship with all players healthy with the college of their choice…..enough said.

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