‘Gann the Man’ has been called in:Sandy Gann(Northwest Guilford HS) inducted into the North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame

Former Northwest Guilford High School Baseball Coach Sandy Gann was inducted into the North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame on Saturday January 18. Gann won one state title, six conference titles and retired in 1998 fourth on the active win list in North Carolina with 422 career wins in 32 seasons.
*****Above from Northwest Guilford Press Release****

Below from GreensboroSports.com:
Pretty sure that coach Gann came out of Guilford College, or that area back in the 1960’s and spent almost his entire career with the Northwest Guilford Vikings…Great family man Mr. Gann and he had two sons if I’m not mistaken, in Sonny and John…Coach Gann was also an outstanding boys basketball coach at Northwest Guilford and he is a ‘Viking For Life’, a real ‘NWG Lifer’…..You will see him at all of the home baseball games in the right field corner, on the other side of the fence and that might be the part of the ‘Sandy Gann Field’ that they call ‘Gann’s Corner’….Whole group of ‘Gann Fans’ seated out there by the fence…

Just a great story of man that spent pretty much his entire life at Northwest Guilford High School, at least his professional life….He may have grown up as a kid, up near Stokesdale…Not completely sure on that part….Had one heck of a team back in 1998 when they won it all and that was the very first year that NWG competed as a 4-A school and they topped Josh Hamilton and Raleigh Athens Drive, when they won that NCHSAA 4-A Baseball Title….

Pretty sure Hamilton pitched at least one game in that best-of-three series and he was one whale of a pitcher to go along with his outfield skills at the time and at that time, Josh Hamilton was considered one of the top, if not the top high school baseball player in the nation and Athens Drive was ranked among the top ten high schools in the nation…..And the NWG Vikings took down Hamilton and Athens Drive….Jamie Hemmingway was the top player on that the Northwest team that rode into Raleigh and brought back the Title….

Looked this up on Coach Gann from the Guilford College Hall of Fame web page…
Guilford College Athletics Hall of Fame:
Inducted 1990
Sandy Ray Gann – Baseball

*****Good job Coach Gann and keep those honors coming…..*****


  1. Congratulations to Coach Gann and his family. Very well deserved. I had an opportunity to know him and his sons through the Greensboro Palomino Baseball Program along with keepinp up with H.S. Baseball

  2. Sandy and I grew up together in the Union Cross community South of Kernersville. I think it was his senior year at Glenn High School that he got the only hit in a County Championship game against R. J. Reynolds high school and he went on to score the only run of the game. He was also a defensive expert on the basketball team there at Glenn.

  3. Lots of good talent in that area back then and still today…That Ijames fellow has kept things stirred up in a good way over around Glenn…And the Ganns and Reavis crowd have done their part too, rest assured…

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