Winston-Salem State Rams “Ready” for a baseball series/game, but they can’t seem to get an answer from N.C. A&T???

The Winston-Salem State Rams want a baseball series, but they can’t seem to get a response….WSSU wants to set up a home-and-home series with the North Carolina A&T Aggies, but the Aggies are not returing the calls from the Rams….

This would make a great two-game series with WSSU hosting N.C. A&T at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem and A&T hosting WSSU at NewBridge Bank Park in Greensboro….

We are hearing the fans want this to happen, the die-hard fans of the Rams and the Aggies really want to see it happen, but no call-backs and no response from N.C. A&T….

We are just the middle men on this project, but we are willing to do whatever it takes to see this series happen and if it had to start out with a home-and-home over a two-year period that might be something to look at too, but right now the two-game series in 2014, or to begin in 2015, is the way to go and BB&T Field and NewBridge Bank Park are the perfect venues and that is where these games need to be played….

How ’bout that Aggie-Ram Baseball Classic Series??

It is time for the Aggies to step up and make this happen….My sources tell me that the Rams are waiting with cell phones in pocket and they can’t wait to hear back from N.C. A&T with some sort of response…..

The time is now, 2014, to make this dream Aggie-Ram/Ram-Aggie Baseball Classic Series a reality……

Aggies you have seen the pitch and it is time for you to hit it out of the park and on to the street and we need to get this deal done and get it on the road today…..

Rams are ready, will the Aggies step up to the plate?????

*****Like I said before, you’ve seen the pitch, you’re at the plate, and it is time to hit it out of the park…..Make this a REALITY.*****