N.C. State had a ‘Golden Opportunity’ to knock off #1 Syracuse, but Wolfpack can’t finish:Orange prevail 56-55 at home

Tonight was the night and the game was on TV 48 and the ACC Network…Should have been the Wolfpack Network tonight, but N.C. State could not get the job done…..State had the best chance in the world to beat the #1 ranked and unbeaten Syracuse Orange and they came up short….

56-55 was the final, but State(N.C.) deserved a better fate…The team got their late, because of the snowstorms, but State was ready to take down Syracuse tonight…Today in the ACC it was not about North Carolina, it was not about Duke, even though both the Heels and Devils picked up big wins….

Something bigger than a 75-71 UNC vitory over Pittsburgh, or Duke and their 69-67 win over Maryland, something bigger was brewing today/tonight in the Atlantic Coast Conference and it was N.C. State and a ‘Golden Opportunity’ to stop the #1 team in the Nation, the Syracuse Orange, or as some down in our neck of the woods still call them, the Syracuse Orangemen…Hard to put away those nicknames from the past…

Tonight’s game is now in the past and N.C. State just passed up a chance to defeat the top team in the ACC, well that and more, since ‘The Cuse’ is the #1 team within the entire landscape of men’s college basketball…

N.C. State had this game and a very good shot at a one-point win….State had the ball and the lead three times in the final 30 seconds and you know by now that they squandered one chance at road success when they dribbled the ball of their foot(Desmond Lee) and out of bounds on the sideline and Syracuse gets the ball right there….

N.C. State lets the game get away a second time when they have to make an inbounds pass down near their own
basket and they have no timeouts remaining and they have to get the ball in and they finally do, but it gets
thrown away, as the Wolfpack rushes on the play and the Orange take over again….

You can’t give a good team like Syracuse this many chances, since they are eventually going to take the game over and ‘The Cuse’ never really did take over, but they won the game on a goaltendng call when State put their hands up in the Syracuse net and for a third time N.C. State had the game, but on that goaltend, the Pack gives the game away again…

56-55 the Orange and N.C. State could just not finish…This had to be one of the best chances in the world to knock off the #1 team in the Nation and N.C. State could not pull it off…They could not and did not finish and you hate to lose a game on a goaltend call, where the ball is falling off of the rim and it was not going in, but the Wolfpack player puts his hand in the net and that hand in the net did not cause that ball to fall off of the rim and not go in…No hand in the net and ball is not going into that basket and the ball is going to fall away and off of that rim and the game ends and the Wolfpack wins the game….

But the hand in the net goaltend was not the only play…It was that dribble off of the foot, the inbounds pass that got away when the Wolfpack had used up all of their timeouts and could have taken one there, to talk and look that very late game situation over….

The game is over, but the N.C. State Wolfpack missed out on a ‘Golden Oppportnity’ tonight to put away the #1 team in the land, the Syracuse Orange…..Got to get some Pack fans fired up and thinking not what ‘might have been’, but ‘What Should Have Been’…..Should have been a Wolfpack victory tonight….

*****Let ma also say “Thanks” to TV 48 for carrying this game…This one made you move to get evrything done and in order, cause you didn’t want to miss a single play….. *****

N.C. State, had a chance to beat #1, but could not get the job done. Got to be able to finish, to be a Top 25 team and in the process, ‘Knock off #1’….

+++++N.C. State has to get some scoring help from Tyler Lewis and Jordan Vandenburg….No points from the two…Sic big assists from Lewis, but both of these guys need to find the nets and give the back at least 6-8 points a game between the two of them…+++++