No basketballs, baseballs or softballs today, but plenty of Snowballs and Ice Pellets to go around

Winter of 2014 Update

This ‘Winter of 2014′ has been a real monster and today, there is No doubt that we will not see any basketball, baseball or softball being played….Snow balls and Ice Pellets are the order of the day and we have seen some hard snow coming down on this Monday afternoon…..With the wind added in, today’s snow was coming down as hard as we have seen it fall this Winter….

Will they be able to play basketball in the NCHSAA Regionals tomorrow at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center at UNCG?? The NCHSAA board will have to make that call and it won’t be based on what our Guilford County Schools do….Can the teams get in here to play and then can they get back out safely???

We don’t have any Guilford County teams set play here in town on Tuesday, so the decision can come from the NCHSAA board based on what they feel can work and what they feel can not work out….

N.C. A&T moved their games up today, with the women going at 5pm and the men at 7 and admission was FFEE…Might be tough for South Carolina State to get out of here this evening after the games….S.C. State did make it over to Zaxby’s on New Garden Road on Sunday afternoon…

Good luck and we will see you at the next game, if they can play that next game on Tuesday…I do believe that the West Forsyth Titan girls team is due up at the Special Events Center on Tuesday night and I would like to see those Jones sisters from the Titans’ team play….Jessica and Jasmine, I do think it is….Two teams from Forsyth County in the girls West 4-A Bracket(West Forsyth and Mount Tabor) and two teams from Charlotte(Myers Park and Ardrey Kell)……