Just when they thought their season was over, New Hope Christian Academy girls will play in another tournament(Madison Square Garden Games)

from New Hope Christian Academy Phoenix Basketball:

Just when the New Hope girls thought their season was over, they have another chance to win a Championship. They were invited to play at the Madison Square Garden Championship games this month!


  1. New York,New York big city of dreams,where everything in New York ain’t always what it seems,you might get fooled if you come from outta town,but New Hope girls are down and they know their way around,…we’re back!

  2. If basketball is your Religion,then New Hope Christian Accademy is your church.”Come as you are and Coach Rudd and his staff will make you better as a player and prepare you for the college level of women’s basketball.Talent can only take you so far in the game of basketball you need mental toughness and a no I in team only in win attitude and how to make your teammates around you better also buying into what the coach is selling and working on what your not good at and understanding your role on the team.

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