Some Game Notes on Bishop McGuinness girls going into their Championship Game with Riverside High(Williamston) on Saturday

We talked with Bishop McGuinness women’s head coach Brian Robinson last night, on our basketball show from the Shane’s Rib Shack and we learned a few interesting things about Coach Robinson and his team/young ladies….

Coach Robinson comes out of RJ Reynolds High School School in Winston-Salem and played high school basketball at Reynolds for coach Howard West…..Coach Robinson attended and graduated from Appalachian State University and he was an assistant coach for the boy’s team at Reynolds, when he got started coaching coming out of college, and he followed that up by becoming the head boys coach at Starmount HS, in Booneville, N.C……

Coach Robinson had no real intentions of becoming a girls basketball coach, but then there was that night while coaching Starmount that he called an timeout that he didn’t have and his team went on to lose that playoff game and for Coach Robinson he pretty much said his coaching days were over at that point….He just couldn’t do it again….The timeout called, when he didn’t have a timeout, was driving him crazy and it appeared to be a career-ender…

But he dedided to go see his old WS Reynolds boys team play a game and he was going in as a spectator, but the gym was packed that night and there were no seats…..Coach ‘R’ was in the mood to see a game and he knew there was a girls game going on over at Bishop McGuinness, so he made up his mind and went to watch a girls basketball game…

Coach Robinson made up his mind for real that night and said he didn’t plan on coaching basketball again after the ‘Timeout Game’, and he had never, ever, thought about coaching girls basketball, but if he ever did, he felt like Bishop McGuinness would be a team to coach….Bishop McGuinness Girls Basketball????

It just so happened that that Bishop girls coach at that time had grown tired of coaching the team and he approached Coach ‘R’ about taking the job and Coach Robinson dedided to follow his best intetions and ‘the man that called the timeout he didn’t have’, became the Bishop girls coach and you might say that after Eight Straight State Championships at the NCHSAA 1-A level, and now going for number Nine on Saturday, the rest is history….

And what about that team from Riverside, from down in Williamston, N.C., home of former major league baseball hurlers/pitchers/players Gaylord and Jim Perry????

At (29-0) how did Williamston Riverside come about???
Riverside High School is a public high school located in Williamston, North Carolina. It was one of two high schools in Martin County Schools that were created by way of consolidation circa 2010. Students formerly served by Jamesville High School and Williamston High School are now served by this school.
(from Wikipedia)

Riverside has won all of their 29 games and look at some of these scores, as they have been blowing teams away…
Pasquotank Score 69 – 27
Ayden-Grifton 78 – 13
Pasquotank 62 – 26
North Pitt 78 – 39
Southside 77 – 21
Washington 84 – 29
Pamlico County 65 – 30
Southside 82 – 19
Clinton 77 – 57
Bunn 70 – 41
Northampton County 77 – 39
Ayden-Grifton 69 – 17
North Edgecombe 75 – 15
South Creek 71 – 18
Tarboro 75 – 22
Northampton County 82 – 38
Rocky Mount Prep 79 – 31
South Creek 72 – 26
Rocky Mount Prep 94 – 29
North Edgecombe 91 – 30
Tarboro 86 – 42
North Edgecombe 72 – 25
And on and on we go to (29-0)…..

Details on this Day/Friday for the Bishop McGuinness girls…They were due to get a ‘Send Off’ from the Bishop student body this morning and then they will practice in Cameron Indoor Stadium, at Duke University, this afternoon….Bishop does the Duke practice/shoot-around/walk-through every year….

This may really be a team of ‘Destiny’, as they go for their 9th straight State Title….Back when he was in high school, Coach Brian Robinson starred/had a role in the movie ‘Mr. Destiny’ along side Jim Belushi and Courteney Cox…The movie was filmed in Winston-Salem at the then Ernie Shore Field and Coach ‘R’/Robinson was the center fielder in the movie ‘Mr. Destiny’, if you ever get a chance to check it out….

Be sure to check out Bishop’s Julia Brown, Cameron Nieters, Danielle Nieters, Tia Cappuccio, Alex Putnam, Tessa Johnston, Kim Molen, Sarah Anne Craven and many, many others, including Olivia DeFrancesco…..The Bishop girls/women(27-4) go for #9 on Saturday at Noon in the Smith Center, in Chapel Hill….

The cast of the ‘Mr. Destiny’ movie is pretty impressive:
Mr. Destiny is a 1990 comedy film starring James/Jim Belushi. Other actors in this film included Linda Hamilton, Jon Lovitz, Michael Caine, Courteney Cox, and Rene Russo.
*****The R.J. Reynolds High School baseball team, with center fielder Brian Robinson, made up the baseball team for the movie…..*****
+++++Movie notes from Wikipedia.+++++