What if they made these coaching changes???

I was thinking about these coaching names, as I was heading up that last hill on my morning run, on this Monday morning….

What if they went into tri-lateral spinning moves with:
1)Ben Howland or Gregg Marshall to Wake Forest ….Would seem to be a great catch for Wake and both men have tons of experience…Wake would love to be have this happen, don’t you think???
2) When Mark Gottfried leaves N.C. State to go to another school….Gottfried’s name was in the mix for the UCLA job last year and it seems like his name is being mentioned all the time for other jobs and is he really happy at N.C. State???With his approach and personality, he never really seems to happy at all, but he has produced a winner….
3)Archie Miller comes to N.C. State from Dayton and the Wolfpack would have one of those young up-and-coming head coaches and he could be a ten-year man, if the numbers added up in the win-column….Probably a better chance to get Archie than Sean Miller and you need to land him soon, the longer you wait, the better chance another big-name school/program will snap him up…

And it is not too soon to be thinking about who will replace Coach K one day at Duke….Will it be Wojo, maybe bring back Johnny Dawkins, or this might be coming at a time when Brad Stevens would be looking to return to college coaching….

North Carolina needs to also be doing some long-range planning….Roy might have a good ten years left in him, but after that????? And who would be the logical choice to replace Coach Williams??? Is it too late or too aoon to be thinking Larry Brown? He would only be around 80 at that time, and he still would have good five years left in him and how about Georg Karl? He is still on that UNC list…..Shaka Smart, Sean Miller?? Their names always pop up for the top jobs and they may Duke candidates….
+++++What a time we could have if you got Archie Miller at N.C. State, Sean Miller at Duke and then Wes Miller at North Carolina….No doubt, ‘Miller Time’, all the time…..

Looks like Virginia’s Tony Bennett has his table set in Charlottesville for as long as he wants to keep it that way……

Just a little food for thought on our sports table/tablet for today….