May 3 Janesh Hosts First Annual Underclassman For The Triad:FREE ‘Combine Connecting Our Community’

May 3 Janesh Hosts First Annual Underclassman For The Triad

Josh Williams, a junior business major of Guilford College, has set out to change the world of high school recruiting and has called his movement Janesh.

May 3rd, Janesh will have it’s first underclassman combine. This will give about 15 – 20 of the Triad’s top rising junior and senior football players a chance to compete among themselves to prove their worth.

This is a sporting event that will begin to set precedent and begin to be known to host an atmosphere where undiscovered athletes can prove that they should be considered as one of the top in the area. Josh hopes that the top performers at the combine can start to get recognized locally which in hopes will trickle up to college scouts when recruiting the Triad area.

Josh, being a college football player at Guilford College, has experienced the dark side of college recruiting.

“It is a cold business, but business it is” Williams said.

Williams has seen that every inch of exposure to a college scout could make or break a kid’s chance to get an education.

Williams’s sole dream is to bring exposure to the Triad in the eyes of college recruiters. He hopes to work closely with media outlets, high school coaches, high school athletic directors, athletic trainers, college athletes, scouts, and most importantly college coaches.

The hope is to make a connect between all of these assets providing a constant pool of resources. “I want to stand behind our athletes and catapult them on a national stage to the eyes of recruiters”, says Williams.

Sporting events such as the combine on May 3rd, promoting the in house talent of the Triad, is the answer.

People such as Jimmy Lamour have already made strides to connect the recruiting world to the Greensboro area. He has partnered with Josh and the efforts of Janesh to make May 3rd a reality. J

immy is one of the many names that are getting involved from our community. Local businesses, college athletes, college coaches, athletic trainers, and local trainers all have decided to step in and sponsor the combine and it’s efforts.

Janesh, multifaceted, was started in an effort to promote next level athletic exposure for the middle school, high school, collegiate, and NFL level.

Janesh believes that with a little guidance, goals are made possible. Whether it be recruiting assistance and scouting exposure, or video promotionals, Janesh will continue to connect the community and make the people within that community better known on larger platforms.

Combine Information:
May 3rd Registration Begins at 10:00am
5800 West Friendly Ave Greensboro, N.C. 27410 (Guilford College)
Grass Field #1
Free of charge and free to the public
This event is invitational only