Impact Baseball’s High School Polls for this week are out/in and see what teams we have in from Guilford County

I am spotting three teams in there right now from Guilford County and we may see some change next week after this week’s results….

I’m seeing Ragsdale, High Point Central and Southern Guilford in and as of today, I think their records are now rolling with Ragsdale(8-2), High Point Central(7-1) and Southern Guilford(8-0)….

Here we go with the link to the Impact Baseball Polls for this week and keep in mind, that the polls came out on back on Sunday of this week….And a lot has changed, as it is subject to do, over the course of a busy week….

CLICK HERE for the Impact Baseball Polls….

*****We hope to have our own Polls coming in here by next week…*****