Tyler Lewis leaving/set to transfer from N.C. State:Where will the young man end up?

News coming in tonight from WRALSportsFan.com and we also saw this from Brian Formica at WFMY NEWS 2 Sports….

I talked with an N.C. State board of trustees member back on Monday and we both agreed that we hoped the Wolfpack would not lose a point guard, with both Tyler Lewis and Cat Barber in line to start next year and now the job belongs to Anthony ‘Cat’ Barber and State will miss Tyler Lewis, with his hustle and his outstanding ball-handling skills/ passing skills and those will be hard to replace….

Many saw Tyler Lewis as a defensive liability, but he made up for his lack of size, with his work ethic and game approach….Lewis gone and N.C. State will miss his leadership in the backcourt next season…

It looked like one of the point guards would be gone and the first one out the door is Tyler Lewis, formerly of Forsyth Country Day and Oak Hill Academy….And now formerly of N.C. State University…..

Now where will Tyler Lewis end up at next???

Tyler Lewis spoke in a release from N.C. State and seen today at www.wralsportsfan.com:

“I’d like to thank NC State, my teammates and coaches, and the Wolfpack Nation for the past two years. While I will be finishing my career at another school, I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had at NC State,” Lewis said in the release.


  1. Cat is quick but he is going to have to grow up quickly in his decision making to really lead the team. He got caught sleeping at critical times. Lewis generally made good decisions and got the ball in the right hands but he was slow and took some very bad shots at critical times.

    Unless the transfer kid can play point we are in trouble at that position next year.

  2. I just wonder if any of this is a reflection of the state coach. I understand that a lot of the guys that left after last year had some issues but now you have a guy like Tyler leaving. I just think there must be something odd going on behind closed doors that is not coming out in the light. I knew Tyler and Cat were going to be a huge odd dog couple. When I saw Cat play in the Chicago all American game, it was obvious that he was a me first player and that is always a dangerous mindset as the PG. I think there are problems below the surface and Mark may be on a short plank within the next 2 years when “good” players/kids keep leaving along with the “questionable” kids.

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