High School Baseball Polls as we head into Tuesday games

There is a good chance that these polls could change overnight, depending on the outcome of today’s games…..

Public School Boy’s Baseball
1)Southern Guilford(11-1)
4)Eastern Guilford(11-2)
5)Southeast Guilford(9-3)
6)Northwest Guilford(9-3)
7)High Point Central(9-3)
8)Northern Guilford(10-4)
9)Southwest Guilford(7-5)
10)Northeast Guilford(6-7)

Private School Boy’s Baseball
1)High Point Christian Academy(11-3)
3)Caldwell Academy(7-4)
4)Greensboro Day School(5-3)
5)Westchester Country Day(5-4)
6)Vandalia Christian Academy(3-1)


  1. @just saying – maybe so, but it was just a scrimmage. Ragsdale, just like southern, should probably both worry about the next opponent on the schedule. However, I do wish they had scheduled an actual game though this year.

    Should be a fun playoff season this year for all classifications.

  2. I would like to see the matchup with Taylor Sugg(SG) vs. Matt Horkey(Ragsdale)….(They may have met in the scrimmage, not sure.)

    Very impressed with both of those arms and SG will see some stiff competition during the Tourney at EG next week…

    Looks like we are approaching the halfway or 2/3’s mark of the season by the end of next week for most teams, so it is time to step it up…The pace must increase from here on out….

    We also might see a different looking poll after tonight’s games…Stay tuned for Wednesday outlook…

  3. How did you rank Northern who has a better record at 10-4 lower than two teams they beat head-to-head.

    Southeast and HPC

    Just wondering?

  4. The four losses were a factor for Northern and their most recent loss to Williams brought them down some too…Williams at (4-8/3-7) for the year….

    It all comes down to who is pitching in the end…The best indicator overall would be for the teams to line their best pitchers up against each other and go at it, but you won’t always see that due to non-conference meetings with conference games coming up later in the week….

    If I don’t have a conference games coming soon or if I have a team due next that I feel I can beat with my #2 or #3 man, then I can still run my number one out there in the non-conference confrontations….

    Lots of notes and lots of visits to MaxPreps to check records and head-to-heads, but the bottom line for Northern will end up being those meetings with Eastern Guilford, Western Alamance and Northeast Guilford….

  5. Ragsdale did not “wax” Southern, and I am a Ragsdale fan. Southerns first pitcher in the scrimmage totally dominated Ragsdale. This may have been Taylor. Their next pitcher was pretty good as well. Ragsdale did not start scoring until the 3rd and 4th pitchers. Horkey on the other hand got roughed up a little though pitched well. However the whole thing was a scrimmage, nothing more. But there was no “waxing” going on. Southerns guy was dominant.

  6. There are some teams in this poll that have scheduled incredibly easy…..therefore, anyone who knows baseball knows that they are vastly overrated and trying to get a wild card when they know they may not finish with an outright playoff spot……

  7. Well put! 4A playing 2A’s that struggle to win in there own conference is false hope. Your team will play to the level they play against and when you face 4A coming off 2A wins you can get beat. As stated by vastly when you schedule easier games that you should win your looking at overall record when you should be trying to play the best teams out there.

  8. seems like you are refering to page,southeast and dudley. last time i checked randleman beat almighty southeast . so we know thats not true with 2a teams. dude anybody can lose to anybody on any given day. i guess what should happen is bad teams schedule bad teams all the time and good teams schedule great teams all the time.who gets better you have kids that you want to see play or you are playing a coach that you know and you like playing them. doesnt matter about how good they are are how bad they are . so that comment is crazy to make. behind every team there is a reason for playing them not your reason just because the team is not good.come on man.

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