Senior Day at Guilford College today for Macon Smith(Western Guilford HS)

Big day for Macon Smith(Western Guilford High School) today with his Senior Day at Guilford College and Macon has had a very productive baseball career at Guilford, but just take a look back at his high school numbers that he put while at Western Guilford….

Totals at WG
Batting Average:.459

*****Some pretty good numbers for Macon Smith back in the day at Western Guilford and we hope he had a good Senior Day today at Guilford College….
10 runs in his sophomore and senior seasons at Western…..Batting Avg. went .402, .432 and .561…..RBI’s went 39, 34 and 34….Smith put up some very steady and yet some impressive numbers at Western….*****

Numbers courtesy of Mr. Baseball at Western Guilford, Bill Ahrens, and thanks to Bill for great work he continuing to help the WG Baseball Program and he helped us too, back on Friday night at WG and thanks Bill…..