What ever happened to?/Where are they now??

What ever happened to guys like Dick Grubar and Joe Bostic?

Former college and pro athletes that served in a public office capacity in Guilford County/Greensboro and then after their days in office, they disappeared….

Mr. Grubar(University of North Carolina/Several ABA teams) was on board the Greensboro City Council and Mr. Bostic(Smith HS/Clemson/St Louis Cardinals-NFL) served on the board of the Guilford County Commissioners….

The elected officials are very much out there and highly visible while in office, but after their time of service is complete, where do/did they go and what happened to them??

The May primary will be coming up next Tuesday and it does make you stop and wonder where are they now, and what ever happened to Dick Grubar and Joe Bostic….

The former athletes tend to make good public leaders due to their leadership characteristics that they acquired while on the field and on the court…..

What ever happened to Dick Grubar and Joe Bostic?

*****(The NFL Draft starts up/kicks-in next Thursday, Friday and Saturday and is the next big event, after the May 6 Primary.)*****