Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball/Softball/Hoppers Tonight Finals(5/2/14):EG, NG, SEG, NWG, CD, Grimsley, Glenn, WA, SA and WCD with wins

Northwest Guilford 5, East Forsyth 0…..NWG(19-4/9-1)
Box Score

                   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E 
East Forsyth       0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 1 
Northwest Guilford 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 5 6 1

Northern Guilford 3, Morehead 1
Western Alamance 3, McMichael 1….Olenoski 7 k’s , 2bb, 3 hits complete game win…..
Glenn 2, Ragsdale 1….Glenn #2 seed and NWG #1 in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference….
Southern Alamance 9, Page 5
Grimsley 22, Smith 0
Central Davidson 4, Western Guilford 2
Eastern Guilford 8, Rockingham County 0
Details forthcoming…
Southeast Guilford 5, Dudley 0
WP:Bailey Steed
lp:Kameron Pruitt
SV:Tommy Michaels…..3 K’s in Two Innings….
DJ Artis 2 RBI/Triple for SEG…SEG(17-5/10-0)
SEG Metro 4-A Regular season Champs
*****SEG Report from Charles Pannell*****
More on SEG:
Canada 1 for 2,BB, 2 RS…Alley 2 BB, 2 RS….Sweet added a hit as well….
Westchester Country Day 10, Salem Baptist 3
Westchester Country Day 3, Trinity School of Durham 1
WCD TAC Conference Champions

Softball:Morehead 4, Northern Guilford 0…..Charlotte Christian 5, HPCA 3..JV:NG 15, Morehead 3…Southern Alamance 15, Page 0

Greensboro Grasshoppers 8, West Virginia Power 7
WP:Sean Donatello(1-0)
SV:Josh Easley(1)
LP:Johanthan Barrios(0-2)
Hoppers got the Game-Winnig Run from Kentrell Dewitt, Game-Winning RBI by Justin Bohn, Game-Tying Run from Chad Wallach and Game-Tying RBI by CoCo Johnson…..Those key runs came together in the bottom of the 8th Inning for the Grasshoppers…
Hoppers 8-12-1/Power 7-13-1…


  1. Westchester beat Salem baptist in the TAC baseball tournament semi finals 10-3 and then won the championship against trinity school of Durham 3-1

  2. Andy,
    What happened to Ragsdale? Just 3 weeks ago they wer ranked #2 in the state and now they finish at the Bottom of the Conference! I have seen them okay 3-4 times this year and have Too much talent. …

  3. Jtown,

    It makes no sense as Ragsdale has a very talented team that has numerous Showcase/ College prospects….

  4. Anyone that knows baseball knows the issue(s) at Ragsdale. Different choir but the same song each year.

  5. Ragsdale has the same kids that have been playing together since they were 7 years but they just can’t hit!!! Couldn’t hit when they were 7 and can’t hit when they’re 17! Quit blaming the coaches!! Unless you’re going to blame the Dad!! Lol

  6. Same Team ( I mean coach).
    This is the problem with coaches today. When things go well they take credit and when it doesn’t pass blame. I have seen this kids play and they have talent. We at SW have half the talent but get better individually/ team during the season.

  7. For a bunch of kids that can’t hit I wonder how so many get recruited to play in college? Granted, their hitting needs to improve but hiring a hitting coach would help and practicing hitting might help. Puzzling why year after year Ragsdale kids do so well leading up to HS ball and so well in the summers and some even in college, yet they seem to digress during the high school season. Happens every year.

    It’s the same thing year after year. Bad parents, bad kids, immaturity, the excuses go on and on yet there is only one constant in the equation.

  8. I have watched a lot of local HS baseball games and have been very unimpressed by the public school coaching!! I hate to say it but these are hs teachers just managing the game and relying on summer and travel ball coaches to teach!! They abuse Hs pitchers and don’t know how to make adjustments when a kid is in a slump(they just move them down in batting order) There idea of BP is throwing 50mph batting practice and bunt the first two and swing till your arms fall off! Quantity ahead of Quality swings just what kids need reinforce bad habits over and over!!

  9. Coaching aside cause that would take all day to discuss, Ragsdale problems can be equated easily. Last 4 games 2 runs scored and 9 runs against but only 3 earned. That makes their two biggest problems offense and errors and to be specific infield errors. Ragsdale has been lucky that Horkey, Burrows and Lynn have pitched their butts off this year otherwise their record would be far worse. They have a combined era of around 1.6 which no matter what conference your in is pretty impressive.

  10. Ragsdale at (13-8) overall that is about where I thought they would be this year….The (3-7) Conference is down, but when you hit a tailspin it can end up going in that direction…

    Again, when I looked back at that overall (13-8) this morning, that seemed just about right…

    I thought they were over-achieving early in the season and that they were playing a quite a bit above their heads…

    Matt Horkey is ‘The Man’, but not real deep after that…Felt like Orfanedes and Trejo would be good hitters and they have hit the ball to some degree, but Ragsdale does not seem to be deep in the lineup….

    Excellent group of kids and very dedicated coaching, but I was not expecting them to dominate this season…Hard to keep going to well and bringing back a full bucket of water every season….This is strong program overall and they will be around for quite a while and they do have some good talent coming along…

    The Burrows kid impressed me the night I saw him at SEG and I wasn’t sure if he would be able to do that every night out….

    Matt can pitch his tail off, but if he doesn’t have the hitting support/run support then they can end up losing a lot of 1-0, 2-1, 3-1, 4-3 type games….

    Wasn’t long ago that we were watching kids like Trevor Mullins and company going for a State Title down at NewBridge Bank Park….

    Ragsdale will build from this and you’ve got to make sure you don’t get your expectations set too high when a team jumps out to a fast start…

    Very good program, deep in tradition and a nice field to boot….

    Thought they were riding a bit too high early in the year and maybe they can use what has happened to ignite their chances in the tournamet and the playoffs…

    Folks will always remember how we finish and you want to finish strong…..

    Just my two cents worth….

  11. Would like to get some reflection from Mike Ellis(Jamestown News) on our baseball topics…..

  12. Personally I think the hs coaches around here are pretty good. Most know the skills of the game though some do struggle to manage and motivate the kids. Tough to play with confidence when you’re being told every day how bad you are. Too many kids look forward to hs ball being over and travel ball to start.

    At Ragsdale they need a good hitting coach. Coach Chris is great with pitchers, coach Maness knows defense and game situations. But they need a hitting coach badly and then they need to practice it a lot more. They have those covered cages. The infrastructure is there. Ragsdale has not hit well since coach Bradfprd was there. He knew hitting. 2 of the other 3 assistant coaches know the game as well. They need to be more assertive.

    Some of these kids don’t work at it as much as they should. Once you get some quality instruction you need to go practice that instruction on your own. Maybe that instruction comes from someone outside the team since time constraints don’t allow for a lot of one on one time with kids from hs coaches. Even though most coaches will stay late there is only so much time. Hitting a baseball is difficult. You need to practice it every day to be great at it.

    However it gets tougher now. Ragsdale loses a lot of talent and there isn’t much behind the juniors. Most of the players from the good travel teams have washed through. The road gets very tough now. Ragsdale benefited from the talent with the Jamestown Jaguars , then the great GBC teams and then the Baseball academy kids. Going to have their work cut out for the next few years. Hopefully the coaches find a way to get it done.

  13. Mr. hs baseball fan – oh my goodness – you have my side SPLITTING! Travel/summer coaches TEACHING! Hilarious! And they don’t even have practice! Oh my… let me get myself up off the floor… whew! That was a good one.

    Oh, and by the way, the reason your son’s arms hurt from swinging is because he won’t keep his hands inside the ball, let it travel to the hitting zone, and start his swing by firing his back hip off a firm front leg – while keeping his hands back to launch. Instead he casts his hands out around every pitch with a buggy-whip shoulder swing, as his hips slide through last of all in an attempt to jerk something to the pull field in hopes of hitting it hard. But hey, I could be wrong… I’m just a high school game manager.

    One last thing that I just need cleared up – those summer/travel guys, they have tryouts with guys from several schools, maybe even several counties, and pick the best, well, kind of “all-stars” from the group. Right? That’s who they are “teaching” – right? Again, without practices. And I just can’t understand why the players come to me and don’t know what “tandem” or “pivot” mean when I work with 2B/SS – or the difference between hit-and-run and run-and-hit with hitters – or look at me funny when I ask about “approach” at 2-0 vs 0-2. Guess that’s been established though – it’s my fault, like the Ragsdale coach’s

    Now what was your name again? I must have missed that somehow, someway as I was wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes…

    Coach Fowler, Glenn High

  14. This thread illustrates what really is wrong with high school athletics. I have coached on the Travel/HS/College level for over 20 years. Why do HS coaches think that they KNOW everything? Does being a HS coach mean you have more knowledge/ teaching technique/ fundamentals than a Travel Coach ? Very Bold statement from the Glenn coach who is trying to back his buddy. Coaches need to realize its about the Student/athlete. Coach Fowler I assure you Alan A, and Scott B (pretty knowledgeable Travel coaches) know what “tandem and pivot” mean!

  15. I am CERTAIN that Alan (who I love and would trust my son with) and some others do have GREAT knowlwdge. THEY would not have posted what hsbaseballfan did….
    That said, yes, in my exuberance to “defend” a fellow coach – which I sometimes do on boards – my sarcastic tone got away from me.

    I just tire of people bashing HS coaches – ALWAYS behind a catchy tag, but nameless. Now, I think my track record shows I don’t jump to my own defense, but to my “buddies.” It just gets old, though never-ending.

    While there is a great deal I do not know – a great deal – I do take exception to the comment inferring that maybe it’s not about the student/athlete for me/us/HS coaches. Maybe that was not your intent. Either way, the advent/increase of showcase/travel has assured that it is ALL about the INDIVIDUAL student/athlete – so often with idea of coach/team/community “be darned.”

    Just consider that before making disparaging comments about a man doing a job, consider how you would feel. Consider going and looking him in the eye instead of namelessly posting on a board.

    And, yes, I have voiced my concerns clearly with some travel/showcase coaches: face to face or voice to voice – NOT hiding behind a screen name. Some have been GREAT to speak with and work WITH concerning players we share. MANY, however, like you, think HS guys are inferior (anybody see the hypocricy there)and are a necessary evil for a while.

    Clearly, discussion and mutual respect are needed. Just tell me, did you see/hear “respect” in any form from the post from hsbbfan that initiated my ire?

    We can back and forth all day with doubtful progress. Reading back, my greatest concern is that my comments don’t seem like a very good witness from someone who wants to shine a light for the Lord… more like a resentful guy with a chip on his shoulder. Obviously I need to work on that. But again I simply ask, can you cut some guys a break? Or at least make it between you and them, not “public.” Or if you can’t resist, aim at me. Like I said, I usually don’t speak up when that happens.

    In the end, it’s all about the kids, right? That’s how all this got started, right? (There goes that sarcasm again…..)

    Enjoy the tournaments and playoffs. E-N-J-O-Y…

  16. I went to the driving range today. First ball I hit I duck hooked. My first inclination was to look around and find some reason why I miss hit the ball. Perhaps I should have called Freddie Couples and scream at him for having a crappy instructional video. Maybe I should call the Audubon society for their dang loud birds. Or maybe just maybe I should have some personal accountability and say I just didn’t keep my head down like I have been told hundreds of times by people much better than myself. The bottom line is Coach Fowler, Coach Maness, Coach Gann, or any other coach in the nation can’t hit baseballs for their kids. They can simply teach, encourage, and try to squeeze every bit of ability out of teenagers they can.

  17. The problem lies in the fact….that parents don’t think they are getting what they pay for in travel ball….so in some way it is the high school coaches fault….wrong answer! Daddy, you couldn’t play, and there was a reason for that! And your son probably can’t play dead either….you spend 2000 a summer in hopes of little Johnny playing the game of his life going 4-4 with 3 doubles and 5 RBI’s and wishing and praying a college coach or MLB scout is in the stands watching….high school baseball coaches know more the Dad….if DAD knows so much than DAD needs to go get certified and teach/coach….notice the teach before coach! Dad needs to stay in his lane….stop ruining the experience for Johnny and stop trying to live vicariously through his son’s average playing ability…..

  18. So far we have determined the poor performance is because the kids have no talent, the high school coaches don’t know what they are doing, the travel ball coaches don’t know what they are doing and the daddies think they have all spawned superstars.

    I guess that about covers it. Anybody want to blame the girlfriends? Little brothers? Family pets? Maybe the T-ball coaches they all taught them bad habits from the start.

    You guys are funny.

  19. What about the rec league teammates? I think they have a lot to do with it as well!

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