Dudley Dogs invade Southeast Guilford-Grimsley baseball game Tuesday night, then hamburgers and rib sandwiches soon follow suit

It was hard for the fans to stay focused on the Grimsley-Southeast Guilford baseball game on Tuesday night, after they cranked up the cooking of the hot dogs, hamburgers and rib sandwiches, by the Dudley Dog cooking crew from Dudley High School…

Mr. Allen’s work is the Ethan Allen of hot dog, hamburger and rib sandwich cooking…The sauce was right off the old shelves of King’s BBQ on Phillips Avenue, at least the recipe came from the King’s BBQ and they used to have the best sauce in the business of BBQ and Rib Cooking….

Mr. Arthur Allen had those baseball fans mezmorized with the smells and the tastes of his fine Dudley Dogs, hamburgers and rib sandwiches….

As soon as I took a bite of that hot dog, I knew it had to have come fron the great grill cooking system that the Dudley Panthers use, at their football and baseball games….

There was/is talk that the Picasso of Hot Dog, hamburger and rib sandwich cooking will lay down his canvass and create more Ethan Allen-like creations for the remainder of the Metro Tournament, on Wednesday and Thursday nights….

This will be a true delight and out of sight, it’s like having a stick of BBQ dynamite and when you take a bite, you can not fight, the flavor of that King’s BBQ Sauce will knock you down for the count and the only way you can get back up, is to count your money and buy another Brother….

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Rib Sandwiches on the menu at the Metro 4-A Baseball Tournament at Southeast Guilford and the Rembrandt of BBQ cooking will be back in the house and he may have his assistant Mona Lisa Allen with him to help him work the sauce toward the fans and it will set them into a selfie or a self-portrait frenzy, with the Sauce being the order of the day and night….

You got to get one of those Hot Dogs, Hamburgers or Rib Sandwiches from Mr. Arthur Allen under the Cookout Tent at SEG…..You will know when you go and if you go home without one of those Dudley Dogs, you will have struck out again my friend…..


  1. Great game, great atmosphere and great food. Mr. Allen was able to cook his world famous ribs and hamburgers last night to assist in generating money for the SE baseball program. He should be back out tonight.

  2. Thank you Andy… We were hired to do a job, so we did what we do…. Any job worth doing is worth doing well…. Well come out and eat well tonight…

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