Travel Ball ‘National Speed Program’(Big Savings, Be sure to check this out and make your move!)

Travel Ball ‘National Speed Program’Parents and coaches, is your child or team playing in a national tournament this summer? Would you like for them to run faster, hit it further, throw it harder and be in the best shape?

This is the program then!

The program will begin the week of May 12th and end July 2nd. There will be 16 sessions scheduled 2 times per week. Each session will last 60 minutes. No more then 5 kids per trainer/hour session. Lots of one-on-one instruction! The program will include Pre and Post testing.

Each athlete’s training is planned to include: The running treadmill will be used to analyze and improve running mechanics. We help lengthen and quicken your stride, so your faster and more agile.

Plyometrics are footwork drills designed to improve power, agility and balance.

Groundbase Strength Training to include speed ladders, hurdles, resistance sprints and medicine ball drills.

“CORE” TRAINING will be a very important element to the success of the program.

The regular cost of this program is $425 however if you mention that you saw this on it is $299.

To register or get further information for the program you can call 336-299-6266 and speak with Carmine Pagano CSCS or email

Carmine Pagano CSCS
Carolina Acceleration Sports Training
3917 High Point Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27407