Greensboro NABA 2014 Season Preview with Enad Haddad at Havana Phil’s

We conducted our Greensboro National Adult Baseball Association 2014 Preview today at Havana Phil’s Cigar Company/Shop on Battleground Avenue…

Phil Segal invited us in and I think you will find this to one of the more innovative discussions, that we have done here at our site….

Check out the surroudings and listen in for some of the best baseball talk that you will find in our Triad area….

Havana Phil’s is a like a sportsman’s haven and cigar lover’s paradise and with Enad Haddad on hand for this inside look at the Greensboro NABA, this is a can’t-miss interview….

A cigar-smacking hit out-of-the-park today on Battleground Avenue, with Enad at Havana Phil’s…Derek Whitenburg of N.C. State-fame will be at Phil’s in June….Thanks to Enad and Phil for their fine work on this Wednesday and on to the the key intereview/2014 Preview, when you Click On below….