High School Baseball/Softball Tonight(5/8/14) with the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’:GRIM-PAGE/SG-ASHE/WA-RC/SEG-SA/EG-NG with a number of Titles on the line tonight

Baseball Tonight:
Metro 4-A Championship Game at Southeast Guilford @ 7pm
Grimsley(11-12) vs. Page(17-5)
Regular Season Page took both games, 6-2 and 4-1….
*****This might turn out to be one of the BIGGEST Games in Metro 4-A Tournament history, you never know….HUGE Rivalry here…*****

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Championship Game at Asheboro @ 7pm
Southern Guilford(20-3) vs. Asheboro(9-13)
Regular Season SG wins both games, 6-3/8-2….

Mid-State 3-A Championship Game at Western Alamance @ 7pm
Rockingham County(13-11) vs. Western Alamance(20-4)
Regular Season split with RC winning first game 5-4 and WA takes the second meeting, 9-3….

++++++Eastern Guilford(17-7) and Northern Guilford(15-) will play at NEG on Thursday night in a Playoff Seedings game…..+++++
Regular Season, EG in Game One, 7-1….NG in Game Two, 3-2….

Softball Tonight:
I’m thinking #1 Southeast Guilford(14-5) vs. #2 Southern Alamance(17-4) tonight at 7pm at SEG for the Metro 4-A Softball Title and I’m seeing #4 Southwest Guilford at #2 Glenn on Friday night at 7pm for the Piedmont Triad 4-A Title.
*****SEG-SA in the Regular Season, SA wins Game One 13-0 and SEG comes back to win the second contest 11-1…..

*****Game Notes and Game Thoughts*****
Who will start in the Grimsley-Page game??? Seems Grimsley has Kyle Smith and Zack Massey available and Jalen Surgeon could offer relief help if necessary….Would it Stanford Shell for Page or another Pirate hurler? Has the makings for a real good meeting tonight down at SEG…..The pitching and defense will be the key, or at least you think that would be the case….That second game with Page and Grimsley this year in the Regular Season, Grimsley led early and then the Pirates came back to get the Regular Season sweep over the Whirlies….Maybe some of the pitchers we listed as probable starters might be better coming out of the pen, but we will leave that to the powers that be, Coach Eggers and Coach Hardin…Good Luck to both teams tonight in what may turn out to be one of the BIGGEST Games in Metro 4-A Baseball Tournament history….You just never know and they will have the Arthur Allen SUPER Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Rib Sandwiches on the Grill tonight at Southeast Guilford….

With Southern Guilford and Asheboro, who will be available for SG?? I think I saw where T. Sugg toed the rubber the other evening…..Hedrick or another Storm anchor/arm tonight??? Would be very BIG and very nice to see SG get that Conference Tournament Title to go along with their the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Regular Season Crown…..Mike Sugg will be there along with family members in full force tonight in LA/Lower Asheboro, for this very IMPORTANT Conference Clash with the Blue Comets of Asheboro….A’boro has really come on in the last month. About the middle of March/Ealry April, they were dead in the water….Coach Murray has made some key moves to get the Comets traveling back down toward earth and has got them back down to earth, just in time to have a surge toward the playoffs….You want your team to be playing their best baseball of the year, at this stage of the season and the Blue Comets have been on fire as of late and Southern has been grounded and doing right, all year long under Coach Carter………..

EG and NG tonight?
This might be just about as good as a First Round playoff game…Who will go for the Nighthawks? Who will go/throw for the Wildcats?? Do we see the names like Morgan, Bell, Robinsons or others? This will be key, since you get a higher playoff seed if you win and it might be the difference in a road game and home game in the playoffs……Also makes it even more interesting that this game is being played at a Neutral Site….Will the NEG man, Donnie Strader be on the mic tonight or will it be Carson Strader on the microphone out there at NEG….Ought to be a good game to see and the weather should be perfect…..

Don’t know a lot about WA-RC coming up, but we are looking for input on that one and I do feel and this is no slap to RC, but I got the feeling, that WA will be a heavy favorite, just based upon the way the Warriors have been playing all season….Have seen RC in person and I know those Zarate kids can play all day and all night long…..

Who is our softball sleuth on SEG-SA for this evening???? Give us some insight on this one for tonight…..Bring it to the table as the Falcons host the Patriots and Danny Shutt should be on the box announcing this game down in the hollow at SEG tonight……

+++++Probably have written more here on this than we needed to, but we sure did give it a hoist…..+++++

*****Somebody might say, “What’s the book on such and such?”….I think we just wrote it.*****


  1. Softball
    SEG vs SA for the tournament title at SEG.

    It will come down to two things tonight. Pitching and hitting. SA lit it up the first meeting and SEG hit well the second game. Both teams have very good talent and match up very well. SA has a deep pitching staff. SEG basically has one pitcher – Freshman Ashton Pegram. If she can keep the SA hitters off balance and get pop ups like she did the last time then SEG will win it. If SA figures her out quickly then it could be a short night for SEG. SEG has to hit with SA to stay in game, they will have to out hit them to win it. Both teams want this one pretty bad. Emotions will be high tonight. I see it going one of two ways, either a blow out by either team or a very close one. It will depend on who wants it more.

  2. Does anyone know who is on hill tonight in GHS vs PHS?

    Grimsley rolling and they don’t have to face Whirleyslayer in Nail, who pitched a whale of game last night against SA.

    Pirates could go with Westlake possibly, young lefty with good movement on the ball.

    Who will GHS throw?

  3. Grimsley vs Page will be huge tonight. Knowing that both teams are in the playoffs, the game will play loose. Giving that they rivals, the high level of effort and intensity will be there. I hope that the word gets out to both communities to support their teams. If we can fill the stadium during football, their should be only standing room only at this games. Good luck to both teams!!!

  4. Kevin Westlake…Interesting call….He has been in quite a few games for the Pirates this season and wonder if he is going tonight???

    Grimsley avail has Smith, Massey and Surgeon for at least five….Madden went 6 on Monday when Surgeon struggled early and then LaBranche went the distance on Tuesday at SEG…

    Ought to be a great atmosphere for the baseball game tonight with Page-GRIM/GRIM-PAGE…..

  5. Was checking and the Massey kid at Grimsley has a brother Daniel, who is a senior in college with the Brown Black Bears/Ivy League and the former Grimsley Whirlie has put up some pretty good numbers with:
    Daniel Massey……. .296 AVG/9 Doubles/6 HR’s/21 RBI…25 Games and 25 starts this season for Brown Black Bears…

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