Looking back at the Trivia Question from last night?What about that Baseball Trivia Question from the NWG-East Forsyth baseball game on Wednesday???

Never did catch the answer from the Northwest Guilford-East Forsyth baseball game last night, at NWG, but the question was:

“Who was the only major league player to play five different positions during his career????”……

Got me to thinking and I was thinking Pete Rose, because when he was with the Reds, I know he played at second base and also at third and with the Phillies and even with the Expos to some degree, Pete was a fixture for a while at first base and you know, and I feel like I remember seeing him in the outfield on more than one occasion and if he was in the outfield, he had to be able to play at more than one spot……

Not sure about the ‘Final Answer’, but I was thinking Pete Rose and again, I know for a fact that Pete was at second, then at third and at first base too and we are feeling he also spent time in the outfield, at one time or another…..

Very good question and most of the fans started throwing out pitchers that might have also been position players at one time or another and there have been some players that got a chance to play all of the positions on the field in a game, as a favor from their manager, but they did not do this on a regular basis….

Anybody got the answer???

I have this feeling that Mr. Shoemaker heard the answer and he might have it for us out there somewhere…..

Can we get a little help here???


  1. That was Pete Rose.
    First Base – 939 games
    Left Field – 673 games
    Third Base – 634 games
    Second Base – 628 games
    Right Field – 590 games
    Rose also played 73 games in center field.

  2. The question was, “Who was the only baseballer to play over 500 games at each of five different positions?”

    The correct answer IS Pete Rose.

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

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