Who will be playing who, come HS Baseball ‘Playoff Time’ this week???

Greensboro Day School vs. Cannon School in NCISAA Playoffs today/Saturday.

*****So who is everybody going to be playing in the NCHSAA????******
(We need to find us one of those baseball bracketologist, but they may be what we are doing here.)

Lockdown West Forsyth at Grimsley on Tuesday at 7pm, unless changes occur on Monday…..

From one list of NCHSAA Preliminary Pairings/Seedings/Brackets we were seeing:
4-A West….
Metro #1 SEG vs. Wild Card…Was looking like EF, maybe now HP Central or Ragsdale….
Metro #2 Grimsley vs. Central Piedmont 3…Looks to be West Forsyth at Grimsley
Metro #3 Page vs. Central Piedmont #2….Looks to be Page at WS Reagan….
Piedmont Triad #1 NWG vs. Central Piedmont #4 North Davidson….ND at NWG….
Piedmont Triad #2 Glenn vs. Southwestern #3
Piedmont Triad #3 EF or HP Central vs. #2 Southwestern

3-A West….
Mid-Piedmont 3-A #1 Southern Guilford vs. #2 South Piedmont

3-A East….
Mid-State #1 Western Alamamce vs. Mid-Piedmont #4 Western Guilford
Mid-State #2 Rockingham County vs. Big Eight #2
Mid-State #3 Eastern Guilford vs. Mid-Piedmont #2 Southwestern Randolph…We are thinking that SWR knocked off Ledford in their seedings game last Thursday, just like EG did when they topped Northern Guilford….Now EG at SWR….
Mid-State #4 Northern Guilford vs. Cape Fear Valley #2
Mid-State #5 Northeast Guilford vs. Big Eight #1
Mid-Piedmont #3 vs. Cape Fear Valley #1

Have been hearing that SEG and East Forsyth would meet in Round One of the NCHSAA Playoffs…Also hearing that NWG would be hosting North Davidson….Had been hearing that all of the Mid-State 3-A teams will be going East and Southern Guilford would go West….From the preliminary brackets at NCHSAA that looks to be the case on the 3-A’s from Guilford County….Are we hearing about more games and who some of teams will be playing?????


  1. As we approach the playoffs I have something I must get off my chest. It is amazing to me today the “D1” caliber players in the area who have no idea how easy it is to make a mistake with social media. It is not so much the childish “we are gonna whip your tail” stuff but when you tweet and post the kind of stuff I see I am amazed that their current or future coach or oh yeah why not a parent would not make some gentle corrections. I am not saying the coaches should try to be the police this entirely but some words one day at practice might be in order along with running some poles.

    I think the smart D1 students who have a real future in sports are advised pretty early on to even shut it down before the season starts. Certainly I see the opposite to. I see tweets of good game and good luck afterward.

    It also points a finger back at me. We all could be a little more thick skinned and more encouraging. We could all probably have a little more class in person and on line.

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