1st Annual Football Fundamentalz 52 Camp


The first annual Football FUNdamentalz 52 Camp, hosted by Coach Earl Rose, takes place from Wednesday, June 25 to Friday, June 27, 2014 at the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Coach Rose is dedicated to promoting the core values of the Organization. Wins and losses are not a priority for him; developing life skills and individual character is what guides his coaching decisions and actions. He will lead by example in both words and actions on and off the football field. Rose accepts responsibility of the development of our athletes as both players and persons while under his direction.

Our goal is to be an organization that not only develops football players that parents and coaches will be proud of, but also guide our athletes to becoming positive contributors to any team they choose to be a part of.

Here at the Football FUNdamentalz 52 Camp, our coaches and staff will work diligently to help the athletes achieve the skills necessary for you to get to the level of play that you desire. There will be quite a bit of training at this year’s camp. Here’s a look at just a little of what you can expect:

? Passing
? Catching
? Running
? Blocking
? Tackling

Day 1 (June 25) comprises of 6 agility stations, where we will measure endurance and agility technique. Also, on the first day, there will be an extensive Speed Training session, teaching kids how to become faster.

Day 2 (June 26), the athletes will be broken into position groups based on whatever football position they currently play, or what they would like to play. Day 2 is when they will formally meet there position Coaches/Mentors.

Day 3 (June 27), is what will be known as the “FUN” day. This is where we put together everything they learned throughout the course of the week, and play some 1 on 1 drills, 7 on 7 team drills, followed by 11 on 11 situation drills. Finally on Day 3, we have a session set aside for our Mothers to get out on the field and perform some drills that will be taught by our Coaches as well.

Each day we will have a number of Special Guests such as Joe Bostic (NFL Great), Clayton Banner (Arena Head Coach), Reuben Davis (NFL Great), and Delton Hall (NFL Great), all speaking to the kids.
There will also be other Special Guests speaking as well.

To register for the camp, go to http://www.footballfundamentalz52.com/FF52-Camps.html and complete the registration, and waiver forms, and then make payment. The cost of the 3 day camp is $50.

For more information, contact:
Coach Earl Rose
Football FUNdamentalz 52