Baseball Brackets have become standard:Here’s how they will roll

from the NCHSAA Baseball will do some updating, but things are now starting to settle….

4-A West:
North Davidson(13-10) at Northwest Guilford(19-5)…Tuesday at 7pm
West Forsyth(21-5) at Grimsley(13-11)…Tuesday at 7pm
Page(17-6) at WS Reagan(15-10)
Southern Alamance(14-12) at Southeast Guilford(16-6)
Ragsdale(13-9) at Charlotte Independence(17-8)….Tuesday at 7pm
High Point Central(14-9) at Porter Ridge(16-8)
Myers Park(16-9) at Glenn(14-11)
East Forsyth(15-10) at Alexander Central(19-7)

3-A West:
West Rowan(14-9) at Southern Guilford(21-3)

3-A East:
Eastern Guilford(17-7) at Southwestern Randolph(10-10)…Wednesday at 7pm
Northern Guilford(15-9) at Union Pines(17-10)
Northeast Guilford(11-14) at Orange(20-3)
Western Guilford(8-15) at Western Alamance(20-5)
Chapel Hill(14-8) at Rockingham County(14-11)

Carrboro(8-12) at Randleman(17-9)

*****All games must be complete by the end of the night on Wednesday…..Some teams have chose to go ahead and play a day early on Tuesday, to give their teams and their staff an extra day of rest, before Round Two gets going on Friday and Round Two must be complete by the end of the night on Saturday….Some teams may play Tuesday and then wait and play their second game on Saturday…..*****

CLICK HERE to check out full brackets from the NCHSAA….


  1. Five of six teams make the playoffs from the PT-4A. All five have a legit shot at winning their first round games. Tough conference.

  2. @PT-4a
    That’s amazing! Well as for the Metro 3 of the 4 have a very good shot at making it past the first round also.

  3. In fact I guarantee that at least one team from the Metro advances to the next round.

  4. The CPC out of Winston with Reagan and West Forsyth is the strongest conference. Then PT-4A. Then the Metro. PT-4a is strong but CPC is tougher

  5. West:
    NW Guilford(scary game-NF got them early in the year)
    West Forsyth (they win easy)
    WS Reagan (not a shocker for anyone who’s played them)
    Southeast Guilford (already won twice in this matchup)
    Ragsdale(my sleeper-have beaten 5 teams in this bracket and got a GREAT draw)
    Porter Ridge (they are really good)
    Glenn (tough to visit there and win)
    A. Central(toss up really. East could easy take this one)

  6. if you are a non guilford county resident your picks makes sense, but if you are a guilford county resident you are a hater to some. i pull for all guilford county schools when it gets to this point. by looking at your choices i can tell your from this county and a hater to some. save your picks if you cant pull for your guilford county schools but then again i guess some are not as good as others.

  7. I disagree with Falcon…..and here is the reason! In the CPC you definitely have a very strong league….however, this year Davie was down….and Parkland is always a team that isn’t strong AT ALL….The PT-4A from top to bottom is the most competitive of the 3…In the Metro, assuming Falcon is a SEG supporter, you have Smith and Dudley who are not very strong as well. Other than Dudley’s run of about 2-3 years a couple years back….From 1 to 6 in the PT-4A it was and is always a gauntlet…not speaking talent wise again….speaking COMPETITIVELY….SWG who finished 6th beat East and HPC twice, Ragsdale and played 20 win NWG to a 2-1 ballgame…so that’s my argument or debate about the best league in the area…..just an opinion….and as they say we all have one!

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