High School Baseball/Softball for Today with the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’:Taking “The Prom Promise” vs. “The Playoff Promise”

+++++See Softball Finals below.+++++
Softball playoffs:Southern Alamance 11, Southwest Guilford 1….
Softball Playoffs:Eastern Alamance 4, Southern Guilford 0…..
From Saturday afternoon:Northern Guilford 4, Orange 3
*****RJ Reynolds 6, Myers Park 1 tonight RJR…SEG faces RJ Reynolds in Round Three.*****
Northern Guilford(16-9) at Orange(21-3) 12 Noon….Noon start due to the Orange prom coming up tonight…Never really looked at playing on Friday….After the Thursday rains, always had Saturday in mind and had to play early enough to have time to go home and get ready for ‘The Prom’…

Carson(19-4) at Southern Guilford(22-3) 7pm on Monday night….Wanted to get the game in on Friday and field conditions would not allow it….Could not reach an agreement to play game early on Saturday, therefore the game was moved to Monday night….I look forward to being there for this game and hate they could not get it in sooner…As has been noted in earlier comments, this will have an effect on the winner of this game, as they move on to Round Three….Change of any sort, effects all we do, when we have set up a given routine and this will obviously change the playoff routine, but it will not wear on the kids’ minds too much though…I do believe that the kids just want to play ball and be given the chance/opportunity to win a State Title and they don’t care what day or time they are going to be playing…Does work on the coaches and the administrators as they try to work through all of this mess….Fans and family need to be patient and deal with it and work to help make Round Three a possibility….

Just a few notes, as the teams try to live up to ‘The Prom Promise’, as they still work to follow ‘The Playoff Promise’…..

*****Now if we can just get Daggett-Shuler to sponsor our ‘Playoff Promise’, we might be in business.+++++
(Pretty well written, if I do say so myself.)

Southwest and Southern softball both play tonight/Saturday:
Southwest Guilford(14-9-1) at Southern Alamance(19-4) 7pm
Southern Guilford(12-9) at Eastern Alamance(18-6)….6pm


  1. Nighthawks win over Orange 4-3
    WP: K Bell (who also went 3 for 4 at the plate)
    LP: Cunningham

    Very good game on both team’s parts.
    Lots to celebrate with Northern’s prom tonight.

  2. Softball playoffs: S Alamance 11, SW Guilford 1.
    Softball Playoffs: E Alamance 4, S Guilford 0.

    And that leaves only NW Guilford as the only remaining Guilford County school in the “Sweet 16” rounds.

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