Mid-Piedmont 3-A All Conference Teams for Spring of 2014 with Baseball, Softball and more


Noah Carter Southern Guilford
Ryan Caveness Southern Guilford
Evan Edwards Southern Guilford
Ryan Hedrick Southern Guilford
Jonathan Hendricks Southern Guilford
Austin Kallam Southern Guilford
Taylor Sugg Southern Guilford
Michael Horrell Ledford
Chaz Shields Ledford
Austin Stilley Ledford
Reece Daniel Southwestern Randolph
Travis Gordon Southwestern Randolph
Cody Wright Southwestern Randolph
John Flowers Western Guilford
John Iorio Western Guilford
Andrew King Western Guilford
Dalton Helsabeck North Forsyth
Sasha Mussetter North Forsyth
Ty Walser North Forsyth
Jordan Lackey Central Davidson
Jay Rorie Asheboro
Player of the Year – Ryan Hedrick Southern Guilford
Coach of the Year – Jeff Carter Southern Guilford

Lauren Davis Southwestern Randolph
McKenna Hoover Southwestern Randolph
Alicia Marion Southwestern Randolph
Bridgette Smith Southwestern Randolph
Samantha Williams Southwestern Randolph
MacKenzie Cranford Ledford
Erin Crotts Ledford
Destiny DeBerry Ledford
Bayleigh Griffith Ledford
Jessica Hayworth Ledford
Megan Hayworth Ledford
Brinley Irvin Ledford
Natalie Conrad Southern Guilford
Taylor Creed Southern Guilford
Mahagony Headen Southern Guilford
MacKenzie Comer Central Davidson
Josie Jones Central Davidson
Stephanie Boyd Western Guilford
Brooke Pegram Western Guilford
Ashley Webster Asheboro
Abbie Worsham Asheboro
Player of the Year – Destiny DeBerry Ledford
Coach of the Year – Charlie Brown Ledford

Will Coe Western Guilford
Garrison Ridgill Western Guilford
Jon Anthony Thomas Western Guilford
Eric Whisnant Western Guilford
Austin Allen Asheboro
Miles Farlow Asheboro
Blake Ferree Asheboro
Richard Pincus Asheboro
Cory Lambeth Central Davidson
Charlie Killebrew Central Davidson
Will Harrington Ledford
Randy Norwood Ledford
Huan Tran North Forsyth
Dylan Cao Southern Guilford
Landen English Southern Guilford
Player of the Year – Austin Allen Asheboro
Coach of the Year – Jeff Whisnant Western Guilford
Colson Hoffman Southwestern Randolph
Dylan Parker Southwestern Randolph
Andrew Routh Southwestern Randolph
Cody Varner Southwestern Randolph
Ross Winslow Southwestern Randolph
Anthony Bradley Ledford
Parker Hughes Ledford
Trey Ragan Ledford
Jordan Mayo Ledford
Ryan McClellan Ledford
Koby Markham Asheboro
Shields McKeown Asheboro
Denton Richey Asheboro
Player of the Year – Colson Hoffman Southwestern Randolph
Coach of the Year – Mark Johnson Southwestern Randolph

I’Anndia Brake Western Guilford
Amanda Branch Western Guilford
Nolan Cassidy Western Guilford
Alexandria Craven Western Guilford
Courtney Crawford Western Guilford
Ivana Davis Western Guilford
Kayla Davis Western Guilford
Briana Eller Western Guilford
Peolandria King Western Guilford
Desia Kirksey Western Guilford
Kiana Terry Western Guilford
Cheyenne Walden Western Guilford
Sidney Washington Western Guilford
Emily Boger Ledford
Allison Carter Ledford
Courtney Cefalo Ledford
Kev’via Copening Ledford
Samantha Curren Ledford
Tally Gross Ledford
Morgan Marion Ledford
Ashton McGhee Ledford
Sidney Powell Ledford
Sidney Russell Ledford
Quatierra Johnson Asheboro
Mkayla Jordan Asheboro
Keela Legrande Asheboro
Olivia Mabry Asheboro
Shakoria Mitchell Asheboro
Makira Settle Asheboro
Jasmine Trogdon Asheboro
Ania Dawson Southern Guilford
Kylie McMillan Southern Guilford
Daijah Walden Southern Guilford
Ali Brown Central Davidson
Courtney Hughes Central Davidson
Courtney Wilson Central Davidson
Sykonza Evans North Forsyth
Field Event Winner – Peolandria King Western Guilford
Running Event Winner – Emily Boger Ledford
Most Valuable Athlete – Emily Boger Ledford
Coach of the Year – Otis Husdon Western Guilford

Jeff Beane Asheboro
Dallas Coble Asheboro
Emmanuel Jones Asheboro
Terry Richmond Asheboro
Wayne Robertson Asheboro
Reggie Gallaspy Southern Guilford
Tarig Hagg Southern Guilford
Amon Harris Southern Guilford
Jermiah Hedrick Southern Guilford
Michael Jones Southern Guilford
Jonathan Kounnavong Southern Guilford
J’Myiah Vincent Southern Guilford
Jamal Williams Southern Guilford
Derek Chavis Central Davidson
Alex Crook Central Davidson
Derek Davis Central Davidson
Dakota Freeman Central Davidson
Cullan Greene Central Davidson
Alec Rhodes Central Davidson
Zack Short Central Davidson
Dylan Willard Central Davidson
Jeremie Caban-Chavis North Forsyth
Brandon Gambrell North Forsyth
Gevontae Hardy North Forsyth
Gerrick Harmon North Forsyth
Jaives Lundry North Forsyth
Steve Stowe North Forsyth
Jamal Bovian Western Guilford
Steven Gordon Western Guilford
Carmari Marks Western Guilford
Daniel Scott Western Guilford
Michael Scott Western Guilford
Ben Singleton Western Guilford
Kaleel Walton Western Guilford
Thomas James Ledford
Tristan Shaver Ledford
Carter Huffman Southwestern Randolph

Field Event Winner – Dallas Coble Asheboro
Running Event Winner – Gevontae Hardy North Forsyth
Most Valuable Athlete – Brandon Gambrell North Forsyth
Coach of the Year – Keith Simmons Asheboro

Deisi Garlaza Hernandez Southwestern Randolph
Cassie Kopf Southwestern Randolph
Alexie Long Southwestern Randolph
Courtney McNeill Southwestern Randolph
Savannah Miller Southwestern Randolph
Sarah Teague Southwestern Randolph
Anika Thomas Southwestern Randolph
Anna Cranford Central Davidson
Alex Myers Central Davidson
Alacy Norman Central Davidson
Kayla Semonco Central Davidson
Haley Westerrelt Central Davidson
Sydney Woods Central Davidson
Mayar Elgeyoshi Asheboro
Krystal Jaimes Asheboro
Julia Otranto Asheboro
Meredith Priest Asheboro
Eileene Dowell North Forsyth
Taylor Hill North Forsyth
Jasmine Romero North Forsyth
Toni Farlow Ledford
Hannah Perryman Ledford
Neena Vasher Western Guilford
Landis Current Southern Guilford
Offensive Player of the Year – Alex Myers Central Davidson
Defensive Player of the Year – Courtney McNeill Southwestern Randolph
Coach of the Year – Todd Lomax Southwestern Randolph

Mid Piedmont 3A Female Athlete of the Year – Lexi Kershaw – Ledford
Mid Piedmont 3A Male Athlete of the Year – Austin Stilley – Ledford


  1. Proudparent–the process is that the coaches meet and vote on all the players in the conference based on their hitting, fielding, and pitching performance data during conference play. There is no set number a player has to hit in order to be selected in any category, but the conference coaches as a group vote and decide.

  2. same process for all sports, just used softball/baseball as an example

  3. Decision based on data…that’s funny. Most of time their picks are pretty fair but there might also be the slightest bit of politics involved as in all votes for candidates.

  4. @haha sounds super jealous….and insecure in either their abilities or their kids abilities……..

  5. Time to be praising and not cane-raising…

    Congratulate the kids on their good work and if you find something you feel is based on politics, run for office or for coach….

    Will not get anything standing around talking, you need to get walking and be mindful of the kids, they read these comments too and I’m sure you don’t want anyone blasting your high school kid….

  6. @haha — I have been on this site several times and I previously mentioned that I have attended all SG games this year but two — including the playoffs. It was my observation as a fan that SG didn’t hit very well as a TEAM in their last four or five games — thus their elimination from the playoffs. I saw many people in the lineup(many of whom are listed as all conference players) over the course of those games who struggled. I find it amazing that you want to ridicule a single player for whatever reason or a coach who does a good job with his kids. Maybe you should be thankful your son has been part of a special season and quit making the SG community look bad on this board. As Andy said, if you can’t stay positive — stay away.

  7. First off, congrats to EVERY player who made this list! It is ashame to see negative comments when these kids have gaveit all they had and deserve to be proud. Coach Carter did a fantastic job with the SG team so stop hating!
    Evan- you are a great athlete ans deserve this!
    Taylor- you pitched some crazy games!!! Amazing to watch you work! You deserve this!!!
    Jonathan- you are one heck of an outfielder! Amazing catches when we needed you the most! Your bat was also on! You des ever this!
    Ryan C- love watching you pick people off!!! That’s one of my fav parts of our games! You deserve this!!!
    Noah- you are one heck of an outfielder! You deserve this!
    Austin- your glove is impecable! You amaze me at second base! You deserve this!
    Ryan H- your final year and you went out with a bang! To has been a pleasure watching you play. You deserve this!
    And yes, I am a SG baseball parent and yes, my child is named here but our boys did what they did as a TEAM!
    Congrats and we are all so very proud of each of you!

  8. Hold on there people. Again I have no dog in the fight. Don’t get me mixed in with the hater crowd. I’m just saying that it is not realistic to say that the picks are all based on stats because it never is and would be impossible to be. Could you imagine coaches agreeing on what stats are best or most important.

    I am not taking anything from anybody (coach or kid) named above. I am just saying the process of selection is never completely unbiased or decided entirely based on stats.

    Congratulations to all and thumbs up to the coaches who have the hard job of deciding who gets these end of year awards.

  9. Mr. Durham or Anyone,

    I love baseball, however, can you or another parent explain what being AC means? Why is it important or is it? I’m just curious as to why it seems so important and causes what appears to be hard feelings. Is it just for bragging rights so to speak?
    Congratulations to the men named on this list though. You all apparently deserved to be named. I’m sure your families are proud!!!

  10. All Conference represents the top players from each team in a given conference…

    In most cases the coaches nominate X amount of players from their team and then the other coaches vote for the players they feel are deserving of the All Conference recognition and in most cases the coaches vote for players that were not on their team…

    Good way to get some recognition for the Players and the coaches and not every player will get on there, but more to those that made and keep up the good work…

    It is an honor to be chosen and Cograts to those who were so chosen..

    One good thing about this is, it gives you a very good indication about how the other coaches feel about you and your team…

    I have heard others say over the years, if so and so didn’t vote for me, I would have never got on that All-Conference team…Good indication of how others see your work….

  11. It is a shame when kids go to school after finding out they made all conference just to be slapped in the face by all the jealousy. These kids work hard day in and day out. The PARENTS need to take a step back. YOU are not in high school anymore but boy are you setting a good example for your kids to follow. Make sure the conversations you are having are about YOUR CHILD!!!!! If your child is not involved then you should not be either. You should congrats kids not talk crap about them. If you are the one talking about other kids, you are the problem. Congrats to all of the players-all conference or not. They all worked hard this season!

  12. Coach- Couldn’t agree with you more about a child going to school to find out they made all conference and then to be exposed to jealousy. That is part of life and better learn now than later.

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