Softball – Baseball Player/Coach/PA Polls

Just a reminder, this poll is locked by IP Address. Many people have found that they are not able to vote. This is because they are actually sharing a Public IP address behind a router/network. This is common in schools and businesses. If you are unable to vote, that means someone at your location has already voted.

We did it because of complaints in earlier contests about rumors of people voting in schools in mass. We will evaluate this style of voting after the contest has ended.

Here’s the links for those who have not yet voted.

Softball Coach of the Year for Guilford County

Softball Player of the Year for Guilford County

Baseball Coach of the Year for Guilford County

Baseball Player of the Year for Guilford County

Baseball Player of the Year outside Guilford County

Private School Player of the Year

Top Umpire of the Year

Top PA Announcer of the Year


  1. This system DEFINITELY drives more people (in more places) to the website. Probably not a bad way to BOTH have fun with the polls AND get a bit more attention directed to the site.

  2. Unfortunately, the voting is done off our site. We have less control when that happens. We have to balance the higher demand that these polls create against the cost of operating the website.

  3. Even though the actual voting is done off of your site, I still think it serves to bring attention to your site and is a good thing. How long will the voting be open?

  4. If possible, you should keep the poll on the first page when you open your website. Many will not be able to find the poll to vote.

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