Scores from today’s Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium, inside Jaycee Park:Greensboro White a WINNER!(White vs. Creekside on Sunday at 11am)

Game One Today:Eastern New York 7, Southern Chesapeake 1….Double Elimination and SC, Virginia eliminated…
Game Two Today:Greensboro White 13, Creekside/Youngstown, Ohio 3…
Game Three Today at 5:15pm:Creekside/Youngstown, Ohio 12, Eastern New York 11

Game One on Sunday:Greensboro White vs. Eastern New York-Creekside/Youngstown WINNER at 11am
Greensboro White vs. Creekside/Youngstown, Ohio on Sunday….

Game Two on Sunday:If necessary, Greensboro White vs. Creekside/Youngstown 30 minutes after Game One is complete…Greensboro White must lose twice on Sunday to be eliminated….If Greensboro White wins Game One with the 11 am start, then they are the Champs and Greensboro is headed back to Lafayette, Indiana, for the Colt World Series….Should be around a 1:30 start if Necessary….

CICK HERE for the current/updated Tournament Brackets….

Greensboro White’s win today had Josh Pike, Noah Carter, Tanner Hobbs, Randy Norris all with Doubles and there may have been more….Game-ending RBI came from Reed Jenkins….WP:Cameron Pruitt