Going Back to Indiana/Lafayette, Indiana here we come:Greensboro White Colt Baseball Team to open World Series on Friday vs. Mexico

*****You probably remember that Jackson 5 tune from a few years back, “Going Back to Indiana” , well our Greensboro Colt Baseball team is going back again, and we want to give them a good send-off, as they head back to ‘Hoosier State’, for the Colt World Series….*****

Greensboro White going is back to the 2014 Colt Baseball World Series for who knows how many years in a-row(Greensboro Green and Greensboro White teams have probably made about 10 straight trips), but they are ready to go at it again, and they will open up the World Series on Friday in Game One, at 11am, vs. Liga Linces de Guasave Sinaloa/Guasave, Mexico…..

Big trip coming up for the Greensboro White team and you can catch the spirit of the World Series when you read the Lafayette welcome below from the Series web site at www.coltworldseries.com

Come down to Loeb Stadium to catch all the action!

Join us for the 2014 Colt World Series August 1st-6th. For the 45th year, the tournament will be played at Columbian Park’s Bert E. Loeb Stadium. We’re looking forward to another great tournament in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana.

Pre-Tournament Party: July 31st, 6-8pm, @ Loeb Opening Game: August 1st, 11:00am
Championship Game: August 6th, 6:30pm

Cam Whitson
Carter Payne
Reed Jenkins
Kip Brandenburg
Matt Schoor
Max Beck
Ryan Lilly
Randy Norris
Kameron Pruitt
Jacob Cable
Tanner Hobbs
Bryce Mericka
Josh Pike
John Flowers
Cole Chapman
Noah Carter
Coach Reid Holmes(Southwest Guilford HS)
Assistant coaches:Nick Diquan(Ragsdale HS)…Matt Desearn(Page/Northwest Guilford)…Jeff Joyce(Southwest Guilford)…Jake Rierson(Northwest Guilford)