Talking to the coaches:Coach Darryl Brown(Southern Guilford)

Just got off the phone with Darryl Brown at Southern Guilford and the SG Storm team is involved in morning workouts/practices this week…Coach Brown and the Storm are working from from 9:00-11:30am….Making plans to get out there one morning this week and see how the Storm is holding up…

Our 10 questions for Coach Brown:
1)Who will be your team leader?
Looking for a True Leader….We are challenging the kids and looking for a Keemar Batchelor or a Jamie Cunningham, among this year’s group…(Those were young men from past teams that stepped and led our players.)

2)How many years have you been coaching and is this your last stop?
15 years as a coach and 10 years as a head coach at Southern Guilford…First year out of college was a 21 year-old head middle school football coach at Northwest Guilford Middle School…Had a QB in Ryan Stell that was a good one and we had a real good team…The rest is history and it has been at Southern…Too soon to tell if this is the last stop…I am very happy at Southern Guilford…We have won two conference titles…

3)How many players on Varsity?
42 on Varsity and 55 on JV….

4)Who is the toughest team that you have ever coached against?
Reidsville and they were coached by Jimmy Teague….We came in second 4 straight years to Reidsville and I think they won the state title, 3 out of those 4 years…Also Northeast Guilford and Coach Tommy Pursley…He always had his teams highly prepared….

5)The coach you have learned the most from?
My grandfather, former and long-time coach at Southern Guilford…He taught me how to relate to the kids and get the most out of them…Also Coach Tommy Norwood at Ragsdale….He was the first coach I called when I got the job at Southern and he helped me get things mapped out and going in the right direction…

6)Your Top offensive returning players?
Reggie Gallaspy…He is as good as anybody in the state…We have two offensive linemen back in Isaiah Burns and Darian Peterson…Amon Harris at RB/SB will give us a boost and he is just a junior and will help us some too on defense, at corner…

7)Top defensive returning players?
Jeremiah Hedrick(Safety) and JB McCullough….

8)Who will win the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference?

9)Your greatest satisfaction you receive from coaching?
Seeing the kids get the most out of their ability and seeing them come back after going off to college and return mature and ready to face the world and knowing that got their feet wet and got the right leadership and training at Southern Guilford High School…

10)Among the Guilford County Schools from today or from the past, your program most resembles?
Ragsdale….We want to be very copetitive like Ragsdale and we want our players to be tough and well-prepared each Friday night and that is what Coach Norwood teaches at Ragsdale and that is what we strive for here….We want to say we were able to get the most out of each player that came our way and if we can emulate what Ragsdale does and has done, we will have been successful in that effort….