Talking to the coaches:Coach Johnny Roscoe(Northern Guilford)

Started sending the phone messages into the coaches today and hearing back from several this afternoon and I am tracking Northwest Guilford, Ragsdale, Grimsley, Southeast Guilford, Northern Guilford, Southern Guilford and Western Guilford, while Dennis White will be talking to Smith, Eastern Guilford, Dudley, Northeast Guilford and Page, plus our new associate Josh Williams is following Southwest Guilford, High Point Central and High Point Andrews….

Heard back first today from Coach Johnny Roscoe and here are our 10 questions for Coach Roscoe with the Northern Guilford Nighthawks and hope to be out there this week to visit with the Nighthawks and get some video from their practice and they are going at 6pm this week…

Questions for Coach Roscoe:
1)Who is your team leader?
That is something we are still working on, nobody has stepped up to be the leader so far….This is something we will have to work and often a work in progress…

2)How many years have you been coaching?
41 years and this would be his last stop…

3)How many players on Varsity?
42-45….JV also around 45….

4)Who is the toughest team you have ever coached against?
Several with Summerville(Legendary Coach McKissick, winningest high school football coach in history)
Dillon, South Carolina…..Rock Hill Northwestern….Gaffney…

5)Who is the coach you have learned the most from?
Coach Billy Sigler(Hartsville, South Carolina)….Coach Chapman and Coach Foster….

6)Your Top Offensive returning players???
Mook Reynolds(WR), Cam Harris(WR), Duncan Taylordean(OL)

7)Your Top Defensive returning players???
Nick Fryer, Matt McGarrity, Max Maynard…

8)Who will win the Mid-State 3-A Conference?
Favorites will be Western Alamance, Eastern Alamance, Eastern Guilford and Rockingham County

9)Your greatest satisfaction you receive from coaching?
Seeing the kids be successful…Turning out good young men that go on to become doctors, lawyers, and good fathers that take care of their families…

10)Among the Guilford County Schools, from today or from the past, your program most resembles???
There are similarities with Western Guilford and Page….I did my student teaching at Western Guilford in 1971 under Coach Joe Robinson and the first day he gave me the roll book/grade book and I didn’t see him again until my last day….As for Page, I used to scout Page back when I was an assistant coach at Wofford and would come through here watching Page with Ellis and all those good players back in the 80’s….

Northern Guilford practicing at 6pm this week and very interesting that our first interview today with Coach Roscoe, and then our second interview today with Coach Tommy Norwood(Ragsdale HS), both had connections finding similarities and building in the early days with Page and Western Guilford on the front burner…..