Talking to the coaches:Coach Tommy Norwood(Ragsdale HS)

Got the phone call today from Tommy Norwood and we hope to join him at his practice one morning this week…Coach Norwood and his Ragsdale Tigers going from 8:30-11:30am this week….Will move the practice to 4pm next week…

Our 10 questions for Coach Norwood:
1)Who will be your team leader(s)?
Alec Cobb(QB), TJ Parker(WR) and Tevin Quick(WR)
Bryce Walker and Xan Swaim at LB

2)How many years have you been coaching and is this your last stop?
34th year on coaching football with 29 years as the head coach and I don’t plan to stop any time soon…If I feel good, I plan to carry on and keep coaching as long as I can…

3)How many players on Varsity?
50 on Varsity and 45 on JV’s…

4)Who is the toughest team that you have ever coached against?
Dudley with Coach Steven Davis….We had some of the best playoff games that you will ever see at Dudley…Back in the 3-A day, Eastern Randolph with Coach Burton Cates….Right now the Ragsdale rivalry seems to be with High Point Central and Coach Jones does a very good job with the Bison….

5)The coach you have learned the most from?
Coach Dickie Cline while he was at Ragsdale(Cline also at Ledford, North Davidson, Glenn, assistant at Thomasville and now this year back at Ledford as an assistant…..Alan Brown from Thomasville, spent many Saturday mornings picking his brain back in the early days…Kenny Browning(Ledford and Northern Durham)….

6)Your Top offensive returning players?
Cobb, Quick, Parker, Bryce Craig….

7)Top defensive returning players?
Mark Bailey(DL), Swaim, Walker, Craig, Kendell Fulmore(LB’s) and a solid secondary….

8)Who will win the Piedmont Triad Athletic Conference?
East Forsyth

9)Your greatest satisfaction you receive from coaching?
Kids come back with a smile on their face when they come back to Ragsdale and they feel good about coming back, because they know they have accomplished something here….

10)Among the Guilford County Schools from today or from the past, your program most resembles?
Coach Doug Henderson’s program at Western Guilford and Coach Marin Kirby’s at Page…..Those were the two that we tried to emulate….


  1. From watching a few practices, looks like they’ll be a different Ragsdale team on the field this fall. More discipline, more size, more speed, and most of all more maturity! Norwood looks to be “back in the groove”!

  2. I hope you are right. Looking forward to seeing the return of some old school Ragsdale football. Norwood is one of the best around.

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