One of the best high school dunkers ‘ever’ heading to Wesleyan in High Point and he will team up with Harry Giles this coming season

Kwe Parker , from Trinity Christian Academy in Fayetteville, is a kid that is drawing a lot of attention…

from Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer on Kwe Parker, who will be joining Harry Giles at Wesleyan Christian Academy this coming high school basketball season of 2014/2015….Randolph Childress’ son has also transferred from East Forsyth to Wesleyan and will play the point for the Trojans this coming season….

In 26 years of covering high school basketball, I’ve seen a lot of great dunkers. For me, the best I’ve seen in person is Vince Carter. Gerald Henderson, now of the Hornets, and LeBron James were also pretty amazing in high school.

I once saw former Charlotte Providence High and UNC star Antawn Jamison jump one foot inside the free throw line — in a game — and throw one down left-handed (Jamison is a rightie).

But there’s a kid playing right now who will give any of them a run for their money.
(Wertz at you from

Kwe Parker the new kid at Wesleyan…..
Full link below….Langston Wertz Jr. also has big things to say about Dennis Smith, Parker’s former teammate at Trinity Christian….

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