Any high school football practices for tonight and can/Cam you keep up with Carolina(Panthers)???

Know of any are high school football teams that are practicing tonight???

Have seen several teams over the course of our travels this week, but would like to be looking at more and if you know of any going tonight, let us know….

Now is the time, they are hitting now and this is when the players begin to form a bond and learn to work together for a common cause, WINNING and being successful on the football field, as a team…

The Carolina Panthers are playing the Buffalo Bills, I think it is tonight, but I would much rather see a high school team going at it here locally, with some people that I know…

All I know about the Panthers is, that I have never seen a team change more personnel than they did during the off-season….Never before have I seen so many changes in the defensive backfield and at the wide receiver spots….They have almost had to completely revamp the squad/team at those two positions….

Sort of crazy when you look at all the success that the Carolina Panthers had last season….They ended up the regular season at (12-4) and they won their NFC South Division….And then they have to go about making all of the changes that they have had to make since the end of 2013….

A team that reached the level that they did last season, should not be in that position…Too many position changes at WR and at DB if you ask me…They should have found ways to allow the 2013 guys to stick around and remain with the team…It all started with Steve Smith and then it spread to all of the receivers and then on to the defensive backs….

You have to hope the ‘David Gettleman Plan’ will work in 2014 and that does remain to be seen…..You are going to need a computer page devoted to ‘Carolina Panthers’ Position Changes’, if you want to be able to keep up with this team this season, and we do wish them Good Luck, they are our in-state NFL team….

*****And how about Cam Newton, will see any time at all tonight vs. Buffalo?*****