Rockingham County’s Bryan Mitchell Gets The Close On The Yankees Loss Over Clevland

Mitchell has been up and down with the Yankees a few times this season. Today, he was put in to close in the 8th Inning as the Yankees were trailing the Cleveland Indians 4-0.

Mitchell faced 4 batters in the 8th. He walked the first batter, the second flied out. The third grounded to Mitchell as he threw the batter out at first. The fourth batter struck out.

In the 9th Inning, he faced three batters. The first grounded to Mitchell, he tossed it to first for the out. The second struck out on a foul tip. The third grounded to third for the toss out at first.

The Yankees’ Jacoby Ellsbury homered in the 9th to put the team on the board.

Hopefully, this performance will secure his place in the Yankees Bull Pen for the rest of the season.