High School Football Saturday morning rewind:We have some CRAZY numbers for you today(Here comes the ‘Mack Attack’)

Some wild games last night and looking back at the Northwest-Western Guilford game, one of things that caught my attention and I guess you should expect in close game and according to the box score, the scoring went Western TD run, NWG TD pass, WG TD pass, NWG TD pass, WG TD pass, NWG TD pass, WG TD run, NWG TD run, NWG TD run….Back-and-forth until NWG took control at the end behind their senior QB Josh Homol….Homol threw for 3 TD’s and he ran for two touchdowns and he may need an ice-bath on this Saturday morning…Very big night for Homol and a big night for Western too with their QB D’Shaun really stepping up to lead his Hornets with two TD passes and two TD run….Between the two schools they must have set some offensive records during this game last night/Friday night….You talk about wide-open offense, you have it right there…

And talking about big totals from Friday night, how some of these numbers for these fellows…

QB Jamiel Mack from High Point Central:240 yards passing with 4 TD’s going 12-16 and Mack had 163 yards rushing and 4 TD’s…To use one of these ‘modern-day phrases’, “Are You Kidding Me”, Mack accounted for 8 TD’s????????…I have been pushing this kid for the past two years and never could I have been so right, when I gaze at these numbers….
Reggie Gallaspy from Southern Guilford…Reggie had 241 yards and 4 touchdowns and now Reggie sits at 487 yards and 7 TD’s for the season…
C.J. Freeman from Northern Guilford….C.J. in his first game of the season had unofficially 223 yards and three big TD’s with two running and one receiving for the Nighthawks….

Still adding in and more coming….

Still almost in a ‘state of shock’, after seeing what Southwest Guilford was able to do last night after losing to High Point Andrews 66-0 the year before, the Cowboys claim a win in Overtime, 19-18 over the Red Raiders last night and for sure, for sure, for sure, based on what we saw last week when HPA fell by just one point to HP Central, Andrews is a very good team….

Dudley seems to leaning toward Darius Graves as their featured back and ran for two more TD’s last night in the Panthers’ win over the Ragsdale Tigers…..Two touchdowns and over 155 yards by halftime last night for DG, according to Steve Huffman with the News and Record and Steve has always been a reliable source….Graves, Hendon Hooker and Connell Young all scoring for Dudley last night and all three also hit payday/paydirt in Week #1….Hooker also hooked up with Brandon Person-Boyd on a TD pass and do like that catchy phrase, Hooker hooked up with PB for the TD….Hooker hooked up, did get it….Nothing wrong with a little reinforcement right???

Southeast Guilford continues to impress and I told you folks that the Bubba Craven kid could carry this team if given time to sort out who all of his new teammates were…The element of change has been large at SEG for this season and Coach Fritz Hesenthaler may have done one of his best coaching jobs ever, molding this new group into an established group of winners….SEG at (2-0) and the Falcons turned lose a new back last night in Garrett Church….I have heard this time and again over my entire life, “if you are having problems, go to Church”, and that worked for the Falcons on Friday night to the tune of two TD’s in half #2…..Zakey Stevenson had a couple of scores, plus Steven Baldwin got in on the scoring with a touch, while Craven went on a long run of 32 yards for his team’s TD and Styles Jennings is style, I mean still doing his part too, along with all of the RB’s in that SEG offensive backfield….For new names on the gridiron, Zakey will takey the cakey so for this season….

Somewhere out on the horizon, out beyond the neon lights, we have some large games looming for next Friday night….You’re supposed to hit that line “In the City” next, but it looks like to me, two of the biggest games of the night will be out there, “In the County”….

Northern Guilford at Northwest Guilford….The neighborhood fans love this one…
Southern Guilford at Southeast Guilford…This is a “must-see” game with Reggie Gallaspy coming into ‘Falcon Territory’…….
Matthews Butler at Page…Page is (0-2), but whenever you get two teams with names like these two together, you have a ‘Battle a Brewing’….Remember back in 2011 when Butler came to Page???
*****Butler over Mallard Creek, 28-27 Friday night in Charlotte….*****

And there will be more and we will talk more about them soon….

Andy’s Picks from last night/Friday August 29:
Picks for tonight’s games:
Southern Guilford-Winner
HP Andrews-Loser
HP Central-Winner
(7-2) last night….