How bad do you want it? How far will you go to follow your team and your game???(Pay the Price!)

How far will you go to keep up with your game and your team???
(Would you sit in a hot car and stick with your team, as they fight back for a win and you would be even hotter, knowing the game was being shown on TV, just 15 feet away.)

On Saturday afternoon I was tracking/following two college football games and my game was the N.C. State game with the Wolfpack hosting Georgia Southern in Raleigh….

I didn’t have to, but I needed to work so I was carrying out my regular duties, with cleanup work at the Battleground BP/Automotive on Battleground Avenue…

I had the radio set up inside back in the bay work area and could pick up the Appalachian-Michigan game, but when N.C. State hit the field, we could barely pick up the game on 600AM WSJS, inside the building….

The signal was very faint and it was all you could do to follow the game, so late in the contest, with N.C. State trailing 20-10, I made my way to my car to try and follow the Wolfpack in there…

I cranked the car and the hit the radio and the game was on…..Wolfpack down 20-10, but battling back….

I did not want to let my car overheat so I would run the engine for a while with the radio going and then cut it off and hit the car-on signal by way of the key turned half way on, so the battery would carry the game, with the radio rolling….

Can’t let that car run on the battery signal for very long or you may end up with a dead battery, so it was car-on, car-off for the game duration, with the radio going the entire way… It does tend to get very warm/hot on a Summer’s day and there is no doubt you will be in prime sweat condition when you are following a game in this manner and there can be no air conditioning at any time, because that can cause your car to overheat, when your car is sitting still with the engine running….

And it can get even tougher when you have to shut the door and the window is staying most of the way so that buzzer will not be going off telling you, that the car door is open….

I fought the heat and N.C. State came all the way back and got the victory and it was very nice to take the one-point win and I just guess that is part of the dedication of really wanting to get that game, when you want it bad and your perseverance can be rewarded when your team pulls off the almost seemingly impossible….

That car was very hot and I got even hotter after the game was over when I learned that I was only 15 feet away from being able to see the game on TV…. I could have walked 15 feet and seen the game on the television if I would have known that they had it showing inside the Battleground BP/Automotive….

If I would have just known, I could have walked right in and watched N.C. State win that game on television and I would have been able to leave the discomfort of my hot car….

Sometimes you have to pay the price to experience and I paid that price on Saturday to get the Wolfpack victory…

This seems to be an on going theme in my sports career…..

“Pay the Price”

Have you paid the price to follow your team and track them, as they go for the win??? Let us know…..


  1. Andy you are good at story telling when it comes to this site and that is a key piece that separates it from the news and record or competing story sites. This is also a very important piece to what separates the SEC from the ACC – story telling. I watched a portion of a 20 year old SEC game the other night on the SEC network instead of a potential live game from some western US conference. I think a huge part of our desire to “pay the price” starts and begins with our ability to “buy into the story”. The SEC tells the story in unique and creative ways but the ACC only plays the game and hopes you will tune if they put it in front of you. Keep telling your stories Andy and I will continue to pay the price of reading your site. Maybe someone in the ACC offices is reading. Story is what makes viewers and readers stay and come back for more at “any cost”.

  2. Great story Andy. I have to disagree however that I sweated more in my living room watching my Wolfpack on TV play so poorly. Hopefully we will step it up a notch going forward.

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