‘Janesh Recap’ from Josh Williams(Guilford College football 2014):High School Football Week 2 overview with JW

Josh Williams is the starting H-back for the Guilford College Quakers’ football team and here is his first report on the 2014 high school football season for GreensboroSports.com….

I want to thank God for every little inch that he has given. I also want to pray for expansion. Lastly, I pray the lord sticks with us every step of the way on our new path.

Janesh Recap
Top Teams:
1. Dudley High School (2 – 0) 42 – 0 over Ragsdale
2. Northern Guilford (1 – 0) 35 – 7 over Page
3. East Forsyth (2 – 0) 54 – 0 over Parkland
4. High Point Central (2 – 0) 69 – 27 over Asheboro
5. Eastern Alamance (2 – 0) 42 – 26 over Cummings
Top Prospects:
1. Reggie Gallaspy Rb (487 rushing yards in first two games)
2. CJ Freeman Rb (Over 200 yards in their season opener)
3. Darius Graves Rb (Over 250 rushing yards racked up over two games and has stepped into the role of Dudley’s featured back)
4. Christian Beal Rb (129 rushing
5. Jamiel Mack Qb (346 passing, 295 rushing)

Week 2 Top Performers:
1. Reggie Gallaspy (241 yards, 4tds)
2. CJ Freeman (223 yards rushing)
3. Darius Graves Rb (155 yards, 2tds)
4. Jamiel Mack (240 passing yards, 4 passing tds, 163 rushing yards, 4 rushing tds)
5. Greg Keller (completed 20 of 31 passes for 286 yards.)

Spotlight Recap: (Northern Guilford 35 – Page 7)
I came into the game with a feeling of excitement. Before yesterday, I had not gotten the chance to watch Northern play live. It was Northern Guilford’s first game of the 2014 season. I already had the opportunity to watch Page play against Davie County last week. I was impressed with their ability to bounce back and battle adversity, as they had to climb back after Davie jumped on them early in the first two quarters (even though Pageended up losing late in the fourth). This week their efforts were too little against a Northern team that came out explosive. Northern Guilford’s running attack controlled the entire game.

The momentum stayed in Northern’s favor from the first score of the game on an 8-yard TD catch by CJ Freeman.
That kid amazed me last night. I had heard he was legit, and I’ve seen film on him. But to watch how elusive he was in the open field was a sight. He’s a downhill slasher that can guarantee three yards after contact. He ended up with, unofficially, over 200 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

I know Mook is the man at Northern. We all do. It was tough for him to get it going on the offensive side. But to be honest, that is not why he is catching the eyes of so many top college programs. I don’t mind a quiet night for him on the offensive side. It will be tough for him to get things going as the playmaker of the team because so many people already know to key in on him. One thing I like about Mook is his versatility. He can play almost every position in the defensive back field. I watch his movements and he has so much control over his body; he is agile. We know Mook is the man. All of North Carolina knows. It will be hard for him to take control of the game because of the efforts that coaches are putting in to plan against him. Nevertheless, I believe that he will have an amazing senior year and carry the Nighthawks to a long run at a state championship title.

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