Major Sports name is gone, but it is not the biggest name in Greensboro Parks and Recreation/Trotter Center history:One Tilley(Don) gone, another lives on!!!

Don Tilley is gone, but this is not the Don Tilley that we have come to know and appreciate here in Greensboro, N.C., within our Parks and Recreation system…To dispel and put to rest all the rumors that may have surfaced, Don Tilley(Greensboro P&R) is still with us, but Don Tilley the motorcycle racer and motorcycle shop owner is done/gone….Don Tilley, with Glenwood Center, Trotter Center, Leonard Center and the front office at GP&R is one of the biggest names in local sports history and since we can put to rest the rumors of his demise, let’s let the Don Tilley from Charlotte, “Rest in Peace”….

“Don Tilley was one of the best motorcycle dirt track racers back in the fifties along with the legendary national champion Buck Brigance. Don raced for me on my dirt tracks back in the sixties when the Hayes Brothers out of Tennessee were so strong,” Humpy Wheeler said.

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