Laboring on a Labor Day Monday:I had forgotten how long that stretch of Westridge Road really is

I decided to hit the long run this morning and figured I would get in about 10-12 miles, since this was a holiday and I did, but this run today was no picnic, that is for sure….

There is something to be said for getting in that long run and there is also something to be said for going after the ‘long run’ on a day that is humid like this one is/was….

Man it was muggy out there this morning and since I had not been running down Westridge recently, I had forgotten how long that road really is….

When you are heading toward Friendly Avenue and you see that opening up near the Friendly Avenue Baptist Church, you think you may be preparing to arrive in/enter heaven…(There is a big opening in the sky, as you approach the church on the right, and then you make the right-hand turn and keep rolling on down West Friendly.)

Westridge Road really is a long son-of-a-gun and the way back you look forward to seeing that stop light so you can make your right hand turn and head toward home….

Funny how these Labor Day Monday workouts have gone over the years….I remember back to the mid-90’s, when I took off to Danville, Virginia on my bicycle for a round trip up to Ed’s Truck Stop and back and that was a haul, as I rode up to Virginia along the side of Highway 29 North…

Doing this “Ultimate Runner”/”Ultimate Athlete” stuff can wear you out some days and there must just be something about Labor Day, that makes us/me really want to break down and sweat it out….

Today had to be one of the most humid days that I have seen out there on the road in a long time and once you go out on one of those long runs, the bottom line is, you have to go/get back home…..

Run on down the road dog and boy that Westridge Road sure felt like it was a little longer than usual today….

Must have lost about 10 pounds in sweat over that 10-12 mile trek and maybe next time, I will choose a day that is a little less humid….

Got to keep going and got to keep/stay current….Kind of like the man said in the Charlotte paper last week…There is no looking back, if you are still listening to the music from the 50’s and 60’s and trying to keep that era alive, you are probably dead….

Dead was a term that I did not want to become too familiar with this morning, that heat and humidity can take their toll, but you have to let the good times roll….

*****And I will say it one more time, “Man that Westridge Road is a long road”…….*****