A closer look back at Southern Guilford-Southeast Guilford from Friday night with Alexander Smith(SEG)

Courtesy of Alexander Smith(Southeast Guilford High School)

Southeast vs. Southern the big game of the week.

Throughout the first quarter there was a lot of running the football. Southeast won the toss and got first possession.

They started it off with a series of runs and were stopped and held to a fourth down, going for the fourth down QB Bubba Craven’s pass was incomplete which gave Southern their first opportunity with the ball.

Southern came out very strong and starting on their own 17, scored on the first pass which was Nathan Stoner to Tariq Haqq, then went for the two point conversion and got it.

When Southeast gets the ball they have two false starts early on during their possession, but continued to move the chains. Then with a third and long Zackey Stevenson bursts into the end zone for the Falcons first touchdown making the score 8 to 6 after going for the two point conversion, but failing.

Southern fields the ball at theIr own 28 and immediately after that the star of the game, Reggie Gallaspy, runs the ball 72 yards for a touchdown the point after is good and Southern goes up 15 to 6.

When Southeast gets the ball they continue to work it forward until the second quarter. About 2 minutes into the quarter Styles Jennings runs the ball into the end zone, Southeast once again can’t convert for two points and the score is 15 to 12.

About four plays later Nigel Thomas runs in a touchdown for Southern which makes it 22 to 12 after the point-after is good.

Southeast comes firing back as QB Bubba Craven runs 45 yards for a Southeast TD and again the two point conversion is no good. For the kick-off the Falcons attempt an onside kick but Southern recovers giving them the ball at their own 48.

Nathan Stoner a few plays later throws an interception and Southeast gets the ball at their own 10-yard line. Unable to capitalize on the mistake they fumble the ball and Southern recovers then fumbling the ball off the snap, but regaining possession.

After five runs by Reggie he makes it all the way down field scoring another touchdown, and the score is now 29-18 Southern with 2:09 left in the half.

Southeast comes right out of halftime with an onside kick which is recovered by Nick Couch. Then a few plays later Southeast makes a mistake with a bad snap which forces a run on a long fourth down and are not able to convert.

Right after Southern gets it they give the ball to their go-to player Reggie, who runs five plays and scores yet another TD making the score 36 – 18 after the extra point.

Southeast is able to do nothing with the ball and then fumbles it, as soon as the fourth quarter begins and it’s picked up by Southern at their own 9. Southern plays it wisely and runs the ball milking the clocks for as much time they can get.

Eventually Southeast get the ball back with 5 minutes left but nothing going for them as Bubba Craven throws an interception. Southern runs out the clock final score of 36 – 18. Southeast huge weakness was Reggie Gallaspy who looked like a man among boys out there tonight.


  1. Stoner is the starting QB for Southern…Has been there the past several years….Injured in game one last year against Eastern Guilford, but has returned to do very well this year for the Storm…

    Ryan Craven is the starting QB for SEG and he and Stoner both had very good games last night….Craven mostly on the ground and Stoner through the air….

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