Lights go OUT! at Guilford College-Greensboro College football game:Quakers up 21-0 when all goes DARK!

8:41 to go in the second quarter/first half and the lights went down at Guilford College….Play will resume in 15-20 minutes and went all went dark to the failed lights your score read:

Guilford College 21
Greensboro College 0

*****So far in the game we have seen locals Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford HS), Tyler Hunt(Eastern Guilford), Ke’Desh Edwards(Western Guilford), Tyrek Able(Smith HS), Herbert Bridges(Southwest Guilford), Raymond Bridges(Southwest Guilford), Warren Scott(Southern Guilford), Airyn Willis(Southwest Guilford), plus our high school writer Josh Williams has already scored one TD and Tyler Hunt has three successful PAT kicks…..Lots of kickoff return work for Ray Bridges and Airyn Willis of Greensboro College….

21-0 Guilford when the lights went out at the Armfield Athletic Center…..