Hazing allegations/complaints against Eddie Radwanski(UNCG) and Siri Mullinix(Ragsdale HS) sound pretty serious on the surface

Don’t know for sure what all will come out of this, but the accusations/allegations against former UNCG soccer player and head women’s soccer coach Eddie Radwanski and former Ragsdale HS/UNC/U.S. Olympic goal keeper/UNCG assistant women’s soccer coach Siri Mullinix all sound very serious…

Former Clemson women’s soccer player Haley Ellen Hunt says she was put in a car trunk, blindfolded and then forced to run on the soccer field, where she ran head-first into a brick wall and suffered a concussion and head trauma and this was all part of routine hazing procedure/ritual conducted by the Tigers’ womens soccer team and now all of this is coming out and here is how it all stands right now, coming from the Greenville, South Carolina newspaper Greenville OnLine…This all does sound very serious with Siri and Eddie involved on the surface, but all involved are in the wait-and-see mode right now….Greenville OnLine.com…www.greenvilleonline.com:

A former member of the Clemson University women’s soccer team has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was kidnapped, forced into the trunk of a car, made to perform “humiliating and demeaning acts” and suffered a serious head injury after running into a brick wall — all as part of a hazing ritual.

The university isn’t named as a defendant, and university officials said in a statement, “Clemson University strongly disagrees with the characterization of events in this lawsuit, and looks forward to vigorously defending this case on its facts, rather than these allegations. The university will not comment further on this pending litigation.”

Chuck Turner, who represents three coaches named in the suit, said, “We strongly deny the allegations of the plaintiffs complaint and the way they’re characterized.”

The lawsuit, filed at the Pickens County Courthouse by Haley Ellen Hunt, names as defendants Eddie Radwanski, coach of the women’s soccer team; assistant coaches Siri Mullinix and Jeff Robbins; former Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips; Associate Athletic Director Kyle Young; Marvin Carmichael, an assistant to the president of the university; 10 unnamed Clemson officials who the lawsuit alleges were aware of the team’s hazing ritual; and 14 members of the team.

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