‘Names of the Day’ with John Wockenfuss and Sean O’Haire(RIP)[Suicide for O’Haire]

*****Update on the death of Sean O’Haire:According to TMZ.com, citing local police, former WWE/WCW wrestler Sean O’Haire (a/k/a Sean Haire) was found “in his bedroom, beside his bed, with a red rope tied around his neck and connected to the bedpost” in an apparent suicide.*****from ProWrestling.Net

A couple of key names from our world of sports and sports entertainment today with John Wockenfuss and Sean O’Haire…

I was thinking about Wockenfuss this morning while driving down the road and his name is one that stands out from ‘back in the day’…

Crazy last name, and that is why it comes to my mind from time-to-time and Wockenfuss was a catcher in MLB with the Detroit Tigers for 10 years(1974-1983) and then with the Philadelphia Phillies from ’84-’85….Almost always a backup catcher, but the fans loved him and they loved that last name of Wockenfuss and Harry Carey loved it so much he used to call John Wockenfuss, John Sufencow, which is pretty much Wockenfuss spelled backwards…Wockenfuss was of those names that you don’t ever forget and he is still alive today at age 65 and he managed in the minors for a number of years, after his baseball playing days were over….

Not nearly as happy or peaceful, for the story on Sean O’Haire…O’Haire died on Monday at age 43….O’Haire was one of those professional wrestlers that came out of the Power Plant, with World Championship Wrestling, down in Atlanta, Georgia and O’Haire, real last name Haire, made a fairly decent name for himself in WCW, as he was known for his tag-team work with Mark Jindrak….Jindrak and O’Harie made a pretty tough tag-team and they won a few titles and later on, Sean O’Haire tagged up with Chuck Palumbo in both WCW and in the WWE….

O’Haire and Jindrak both always looked liked Martial Arts guys and O’Haire spent time competing on the MMA levels, later on in his sports career…

In more recent years, O’Haire had owned a barber down in Spartanburg, South Carolina…O’Haire, had found a way to make a living cutting hair…O’Haire??? Oh, he was cutting hair…..

I really have an imprint of that tag-team of Jindrak and O’Haire in my head/hair and we see more on the end of O’Haire, right here….from PWTorch.com…Lots of sources on the death of O’Haire, but PWTorch did the best job with their report…..

Former WCW tag champion Sean O’Haire has died at the age of 43, according to former WCW wrestler Scotty Riggs on Twitter and an obituary published at Tributes.com, as first reported by Prowrestling.net.

No cause of death was listed on the obituary. A “Celebration of Life visitation” – rather than a funeral – is scheduled for Saturday, September 13 at O’Haire’s home in Spartanburg, S.C.

O’Haire came up through the WCW Power Plant in the early 2000s before forming a team with Mark Jindrak. O’Haire also formed a Tag Title team with Chuck Palumbo that carried over to WWE when WCW was bought out.

O’Haire’s WWE run ended about ten years ago following a motorcycle accident. O’Haire tried MMA after leaving WWE, won a handful of fights, and stopped fighting professionally in 2007.